**Late work will not be accepted***

Each group member is responsible for finding their own research and completing each column of the Empathy Scavenger Hunt below. We provided you with a list of different examples of primary, secondary and tertiary research along with a point value of each type of research.

Academic Students must gather 10 points worth of research.

Honor Students must gather 15 points worth of research.

Full points will be given based on the: type of research, the relevance the research has to the topic and the quality of completion of the Empathy Scavenger Hunt. We will being grading Benchmark #2 with the Analysis Rubric

Primary Research Options (3 pts)

Secondary Research Options (2 pts)

Tertiary Research Options (1 pt)

Interview with an expert on the topic and or industry.

Books that are relevant to your topic.

Encyclopedias (can also be secondary)

Organize for a relevant guest speaker that is relevant to your topic and/or industry.

A synthesis of original research or fieldwork that is relevant to your topic.


Organize for a field trip that is relevant to your topic and/or industry.

Text books (Can also be tertiary)


Interviews that are relevant to your topic.

Reviews of law and legislation

Literature reviews

Autobiographies that are relevant to your topic.

Political analyses and commentaries

News commentary

Original artwork that is relevant to your topic (limit 2)


Online articles with no known sources.

Newspaper article (Can also be secondary)

Research abstracts

Government reports and/or laws that are relevant to your topic.

Analysis of a photograph or art

Photograph or art (limit 2)

Documentary (could also be tertiary)

Online Articles and Journals

Online Articles and Journals

Empathy Scavenger Hunt: Power Struggles in Latin America

Type of source and point value

Link to source

Link or photo of annotations, transcriptions or any interactions with the source.

Direct quotes from the source.

Summary and paraphrasing of main points from the source.

New Questions