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Copy of Proposed SSOC Camping Protocol 25feb21
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Proposed SSOC Property Camping Protocol

Revised 26 Feb 2021

  1. Camping on the Sub Sig property is allowed for all SSOC members current on their membership along with their immediate families.

  1. To camp with scheduled trip, campers must first contact the trip leader and request to join the trip.  For all other times, campers must contact the trip director (Mark Levine) prior to camping with intended camping date(s), participant(s) names and contact information.  The property capacity limit is currently set at 10 people of any age. Campers joining a scheduled trip are required to pay the standard club overnight fees.

  1. No cabin or outhouse facilities may be used when a scheduled trip is not active when camping unless a leader is present.  In that case if cabin and/or outhouse facilities are used this is considered an ad hoc trip and a trip report must be submitted and applicable overnight fees paid to the treasurer (Wendy Fearing).

  1. Even if no cabin or outhouse facilities are used campers still have to pay a camping fee equivalent to the normal trip overnight fee. The trip minimum per night fee does not apply. Campers must submit a trip report to the treasurer to record fees paid to club, participants names and contact information.

  1. Campers must also report any signs of vandalism or property damage to the cabin director (Steve Hayes)

  1. Campers are responsible for tent site cleanup and all food waste and trash must be removed—practice “Leave No Trace”