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SV DSA Mutual Aid Fund
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SV DSA Mutual Aid Fund

Resolved that SV DSA shall create a Mutual Aid Fund to raise money for community aid projects and crisis relief. Appropriate projects include, but shall not be limited to, the following:

The fund may be used to:

Disbursement shall be at the discretion of the SV DSA officers by a majority vote, or an appropriate body created by the officers or the chapter, consisting of members of SV DSA. The officers may revoke disbursement authority by a simple majority.

The initial expiration date of the fundraiser shall be 9/30/2020. SV DSA may extend the duration of fundraising by a chapter vote. The officers ask the chapter membership to consider extensions on a quarterly basis beginning 9/2020. This way, the fundraiser may be extended as long as members believe SV DSA is able to make appropriate use of the money raised.

When the fundraiser expires, SV DSA shall speedily disburse the remaining money per the criteria above. Additionally, SV DSA may donate the remaining money to any Bay Area organization doing social welfare work in a way compatible with the mission of SV DSA. Only in the event of the dissolution of SV DSA may the remaining money be donated to National DSA.

Resolved that in the course of mutual aid work we use the following priorities as guidelines:

Resolved that the SV DSA Treasurer shall set up an online fundraising method for us to be able to begin collecting donations to this fund.