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This is a therapeutic Seminar, and the central topic that we are dealing with is psychological and emotional trauma. This means that it is important all participants take their participation seriously and treat each other with respect and care.

So that we are all clear about the conducting of this event please note the following points:

All participants must complete the Online Event Agreement form before the start of the Seminar.

NO RECORDING OR ANY FORM OF CAPTURING (video or audio) is allowed during the Seminar.

Each Registration is for that participant only. This means that you cannot share your computer with anyone else, or have anyone else in your room with you during the Seminar. If anyone tries to enter the Zoom room who is not registered they will be ejected from the event.

You need to be in a private and quiet room where you will not be disturbed by other people, pets or noise. You need to make it clear to anyone else in your house or nearby that you cannot be interrupted when the Seminar is in session. (Not including break times).

During the Seminar if you start to feel vulnerable you can mute the sound and turn off your video at any time and go and have a drink and be with yourself.

After the Seminar if anything comes up for you that you feel concerned about you can contact me by email ( or other means.