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Trainer (2023-Now) Blockchain Academy International  “We offer nationally recognised courses in Australia that are accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to meet industry demands, providing an equal opportunity for everyone to enter the world of blockchain technology and leave their mark.”

STEM Wizard (2023-Now) Boneo Primary School “The School on GitHub - Kieran Nolan, who was appointed as the school's STEM Wizard recently, is a technology and education specialist with a passion for innovative teaching methods. He saw the potential of GitHub as a platform for education and decided to implement it school-wide.” - ||

Learning Programs Director (2022-Now) Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd . “Financial literacy is not taught in schools but it is one of the most important skills to learn. This will be the only didactic aspect of the DAES. Nolan says that we need to teach our kids not only numeracy and literacy, but also financial and digital literacy, as well as coding and networks..” – Jan 18 2022 bravenewcoin

Co-Founder (2018-Now) RocketShoes. “Nolan is also currently working on RocketShoes, a blockchain and IPFS educational platform that allows students to “keep track of their own learning materials, including assignments, notes, and digital assets.” In addition to Wooranna, more than 300 Australian schools and universities have expressed interest in adopting the platform.” – Apr 5, 2019

Chief Technology Officer (2020-2021) Hendersons  “Hendersons Educational Services said its young customers prepare for entrance exams offered by schools ranging from Balwyn High, Huntingtower School, University High, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar, and Scotch College.” – September 25, 2020 The Age

Educational Technologist (2014-2022) WPPS Australia's first "School on the Blockchain" "From one of the most influential leaders in education reform (Sir Ken Robinson) to the teacher who created the world’s first ‘school on the blockchain’ (Kieran Nolan, WPPS) - I am delighted to invite you to join education dreamers and risk-takers, and continue your journey in re-discovering the very best in educational leadership, innovation, pedagogy, curriculum and technology"– March 2018

Cloud Migration Architect (2012- 2014) Saint Columba Port Macquarie Australia's first "School in the Cloud" "In 2012, St. Columba migrated to Google Apps for Education. “We rolled it out as a tandem system, so people could choose between using Google Apps or the old local drives system,” Richards says. “Just about everyone began using Google Apps – Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Google apps was easy, accessible and enabled collaboration. It made teaching and learning easier. Teachers kept using it.”–Nov, 2013

Network Engineer (2007-2011) Catholic Education Victoria Australia's first "School in Dropbox” Soon after the launch of Dropbox (2008), we began the process of going totally paperless and migrating away from SAMBA share. "The idea behind Dropbox, which officially enters into private beta today (with 200 invitations available for TechCrunch readers, each of which provides a free 5GB of storage), is that little to no effort should be put into keeping your desktop files synced with “the cloud”. So the three founders have built a Python-based desktop client (available for both PCs and Macs) that acts like a regular folder on your machine." -   Mar 12, 2008 - Tech Crunch

EB Games (2003 - 2007)  Manager of the #1 performing EB Games of the 7,117 stores worldwide. "According to Nintendo, the largest of last night's launches was held at EB Games' Chadstone store in Melbourne, featuring "dress up competitions, Wii tennis tournaments, prizes and giveaways". - December 7, 2006 Sydney Morning Herald


Kieran is driven by three tenets: innovation, disruption, and lifelong learning.

Kieran is the learning programs director for the Digital Playhouse Foundation, a charity with a focus on  digital literacy projects including 

He runs a news platform built on on the NOSTR protocol BitcoinAggregated and #getoffzero, a podcast documenting Bitcoin learning journey

During his time as Educational Technologist at Wooranna Park Primary School, his strategic leadership led the school to launching a 24/7 International Virtual Learning Environment in Minecraft, Victoria’s first CoderDojo, Australia’s first Immersive Education Club, the world’s youngest Cisco class, and the very first, student centric, School on the Blockchain.

He has spoken at a multitude of prominent conferences including; BETTS, Immersive Education (Paris), Wall Street (NYC), FYA, Australian Financial Review (SYD), Minecon, EduTech (SYD), and Future Schools among many others.

His work has garnered a fair amount of media attention, including The George Lucas Foundation,, The Age, and Australian Teacher Magazine. He also made

the educator hotlist in both 2019 & 2020


Teaching TAE40116 Certification

Google Apps for Education Certification

Computer Science Degree

Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security

Diploma in Information Technology

Google Certified Photographer