Battle with Moses People Program Goals and Objectives


The Battle w. Moses People (BMMP) is a storytelling narrative that provides a historical perspective on today’s environment. With the movement of #BlackLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter, the story of two historical icons in the police community (Moses P. Cobb and Samuel J. Battle) provides a fresh perspective.

This program is rooted in my personal family history as my great-grandfather, Moses P. Cobb, was the first “negro” patrolman in New York City to have a full career.  And my Great uncle, Samuel Battle, was the first African American hired by the NYPD, later becoming the first sergeant and first lieutenant and serving as Parole Commissioner for the city.

 To read more about Moses P. Cobb visit the Patch.Com article.  

 To read more about Samuel J. Battle visit the NY Times Article.

The BWMP is a descriptive narrative that tells how these two men persevered to face the battle with the self, the community and the system.

Participant roles and expectations

The typical duration of this program is 40 minutes for narrative and 20 minutes for discussion.  More time can be allowed for discussion if permitted.

During this time participants will have the opportunity to:

Suggested Readings:

Speaker Contact

Terry L. Watson (great-grandson of Moses P. Cobb)

State College, PA



Educational Goal

Learning Objectives

The Learning objective for the BWMP has two components.

The People (Moses)

By attending this program participants will be able to:

The Battle

By attending this program participants will be able to: