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The museum of science, art and human perception

Exploratorium Teacher Institute

Professional development for middle and high school science teachers

TI is composed of former science teachers and PhD scientists.
Eric Muller and Zeke Kossover and you can see the rest of our staff here.

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Science Snacks are a free collection of over 250 small science activities, designed to be slotted into your classes or used to experiment at home. They are written by former science teachers and scientists so that you know that they’ll work and the science is correct. They use easily obtained and inexpensive supplies, help promote equitable teaching by having students investigate phenomena directly, and are NGSS aligned.

Here’s a couple of samples:

Condiment diver

Tape Electroscope

Other resources:

Build your own exploratorium See exhibits in action and then build them at home.

Some science activities about COVID Helping you teach students about COVID

Seeing Your Breath: Using Science to Choose the Proper Mask

How a virus works

Tinkering Studio Activities

Fundamentals of Inquiry: How to Facilitate Inquiry (directed towards elementary, but useful for everyone)

Some Snacks Still in Progress

Don Rathjen’s website  (emphasis on engineering)

Paul Doherty (emphasis on physics)

Julie Yu (emphasis on chemistry and biochemistry)

Eric Muller (emphasis on earth science)