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Kureze: Agents I hope you're receiving. I'm Dr. Victoria Kureze. I'm reaching out to you today because I have important intel on the project we're calling the Tessellation and some updates on other ongoing initiatives as well. But before we get to all of that, I realize that not a lot of you know me.

Well my pioneering XM research actually dates back to a project before the Niantic Project called “Whydah”. The work I did at Whydah led to the discovery of the Portal Network. So when Calvin brought us over to the Niantic Project, he also researched, recruited researchers from another NIA XM project that he’d overseen Project Waratah. Dr.Lightman, Dr.Wright and the rest of the Waratah researchers had been studying remote viewing which paved the way for the discovery of remote participation. None of us knew that all of that would lead the Niantic Project researchers to where we are today.

Trapped in this Anomalous Bubble and fighting 13 faceless villains to find a way to get back home. Thanks so much for all the help you’ve given us so far Agents. There’s only so much that we can do from here without your help. And speaking of your help we’ve been monitoring your fight against Avenir. The NIA tells us that six of the ten Shards that have appeared so far have been successfully routed to capture Portals. If you capture at least one more Shard, the NIA says that Avenir will be effectively contained that said the more Shards you can capture the better it will be for us.

Apparently the NIA is receiving chatter that some Agents are actively attempting to prevent certain Shards from reaching capture Portals. I can only assume that anyone who would do this is working on behalf of Nemesis. If you’re one of these people I’d ask you to reconsider your affiliation with them. Trust me. They are not your friends. The final three Shards are expected to manifest this Friday. The more those we can capture the higher the chances are that we can keep Avenir contained.

And for anybody who hasn’t been able to tune in our other transmissions, you should know that the Nemesis hacked it, hacked Redacted. That’s what’s been allowing to travel through the Portal Network as Shards. The NIA has decided that the only way to stop Nemesis from exploiting this, is to shut down Redacted which is scheduled to happen in just a few days. But until then, Avenir still needs to be stopped.

By the way we figured out what you did to destroy Myriads barrier. Apparently long links established during anomalous periods destabilized Nemesis barriers. So be ready to do that again in the upcoming Umbra Anomaly.

On our end, I’ve been using my familiarity with the Portal Network to try to relink us with the world. Together, I know we can solve this.

Now, Agents, before I tell you what we’ve learned about Tessellation, I wanted to get a few of your questions. So...Let’s take a look here.

Kureze: So we have a question from CataCat, and the question is, “I understand you are a theoretical physicist.” Wow. “And we’re of tremendous importance for the discovery of Exotic Matter. Do you have any theory so as to the nature of XM? What led you to suspect of its existence in the first place?”

Awesome. Great question. So, years ago, Zeke Calvin came across a young Misty Hannah, and became convinced that she had some kind of paranormal activities, abilities. Calvin started Project Whydah to study Misty and her abilities and to determine what might be their source. So he brought me Hank Johnson and Yuri Nagassa into help and what we discovered at Whydah was that whatever was causing Misty’s abilities seemed to come from sites that Hank called power spots but that I renamed Portals. And then we realized that people throughout history had marked those Portals with great works of art and architecture.

So, later on, when CERN facility quantified existence of Exotic Matter we were able to put two and two together to realize that XM was what was coming through those Portals. Then Calvin started the Niantic Project as a cross-functional think-tank to study XM from every angle we could think of.

As to what XM actually is we’re still just in the beginning stages of understanding it. But I have faith in the team Calvin has brought together.

Kureze: All right...so let’s go ahead and read another question. So we have another question from Wikkedimp, the question is “What is your archetype within your Magunus?”

Thank you for asking. So my archetype is the catalyst and I’ll be honest with you I’m not 100% clear on which of the Arche...on what each of the Archetypes mean but I know that Calvin is pretty convinced that you need one of all 13 Archetypes to create a Magnus which I guess is why he brought us all together in the first place.

The Niantic Project was about more than just studying XM. It was about creating a mixed Magnus to combat Nemesis and other threats. It would just maybe have been nice if Calvin had. I don’t know actually told us that in the beginning. Calvin seems to think my catalyst abilities may have something to do with activating Prime Artifacts. But we’re gonna need to do a lot more research before we know that sure.

Kureze: All right...and...let’s see...all right so we have a question that just came in says from RuinDig, it says ”Kureze, where are you now? What’s that room?”

Great question. This is our Remote Participation Chamber it’s where Dr.Lightman has been working on enabling us to project ourselves as Simulacra, out into the world to combat Nemesis.

Kureze: So we have another question from CataCat, that says ”Were you aware that you were a Simulacrum before Nemesis killed you? If so, for how long?”

Uh...At first, yeah, but none of us knew that we were simulacra but Calvin. So by the end, we all knew. I gotta say though knowing didn’t make our deaths any more pleasant. I’m sure you can imagine that having to live with the trauma of actually dying can be pretty psychologically damaging or dealing with it as best we can. It’s times like this I actually miss ADA. She was like one part hall monitor, one part therapist. We’ve actually got Omnivore to talk to here but he’s not quite as sentient as ADA. So, those conversations are little more one-sided.

Kureze: Alright...dut dut doo...Okay, so we have a question from Le96, it says “Some have rumored that there are spies in Nemesis.” Mmm. “Does NIA get useful information from him or from them?”

Okay, great. So, umm...yeah, we need all the spies and Nemesis that we can get so I hate to ask you to infiltrate them it’s an incredibly dangerous thing to do. But if anyone is on the inside any intel you can get us will be incredibly useful. Thanks.

Kureze: All right. Let’s take a look. So we have another question from jv09791, “Do you remember about the memories...do you remember the memories of the past and future?”

Uh...wooh, okay. If you’re asking if I remember everything that my simulacrum experienced on Osiris Earth, I absolutely do up to and including the way Nemesis killed me.

If you’re asking how Calvin and Enoch Dalby figured out a way to unlock the true power of the Recursion Coins to transfer all memories from on Simulacrum to the next. Hank even Alexander the Great thought that you needed a separate coin for each memory but neither of them knew how to unlock the true potential of the coins. Well, that tech is available to us now. Never again will a Simulacrum have to worry about living 1331 days at a time. True immortality is our grasp. I just hope humanity is ready for it.

Kureze: All right, so Musutafa just asked a new question. It says,”What do you know about Edgar Allan Wright?”

Ah, okay. So, Dr.Wright was the first person to ever engage in a Remote Participation Experience. And that was during Project Waratah. So, too much RPE has left him a little scattered but he also now knows more about XM and Portal Network than I think anyone. So, anything you hear from him you can trust if he ever has any intel that you wants you to get us, please, please, please pass that information along.

Kureze: Alright...dooby-dooby doo...so we have a question from miu2d4r, it says “You should have seen Umbra’s mask when you were killed by Nemesis.” Wooh, it’s kind of dark but “What kind of face did she have how were you killed by her?”

Okay, uh, it was really quick. Umbra was mostly in shadow, I really only know that it was Umbra because of Felicia Hajra-Lee’s novel but the mask that Umbra was wearing I did see that it came to three points and...that’s really all I can say. I try not to spend too much time thinking about that moment.

Kureze: Okay…...and the new incoming questions, thank you so much for asking these by the way. Really helps us out.

All right...so we have another question from CataCat, and it says “Do you have any idea of where you are being held right now?”

Okay. We have heard some statements that don’t seem to add up so...well...so...what do you think? Haha, alright, so, this is my understanding. So, during the Niantic Project onboarding Calvin secretly locked our real bodies in stasis in a secret chamber beneath the certain facility called “Abaddon”. And he replaced us with Simulacra and when Nemesis destroyed those Simulacra most of us woke up back in our real bodies in the Abaddon Chamber. But by that point, Nemesis had somehow disconnected that part of the facility from our world and erected four barriers to keep us from coming back. So that’s where we are trapped in a part of the Niantic Project Facility that’s been cut off from the world. Because that’s exactly where Nemesis wants us.

Kureze: All right, got a question from SachielOne, it says “We just got a leak from Nemesis stating that Avenir banished Helvetica because he thought Helvetica was the mole.”

Wooh, okay...yeah. More pieces have been appearing on the Tessellation board. So it seems that Helvetica was not the mole. But that’s good for us. It means the mole still out there.

Kureze: All right...so we have a question from NikaKor, it says “What do you think about Victor Kureze, your version in the 1218 Universe. Did you manage to talk him or do you have something interesting information on this subject?”

All right, that’s a very interesting question. I was actually one of the first of the Niantic Project researchers to posit that the existence of a multiverse might explain XM related precognitive abilities and I think XM substrate is actually what ties all the worlds together. So all of the XM on all of our worlds comes from there and that is Exogenous rain. As to my counterpart in what the NIA has calling the 1218 Universe. No. I never got to meet him or correspond with him. I gathered he died pretty early on in the aftermath of their Epiphany Night. It’s hard not to ask the question why I survived and he did it. It’s also tough to know why he was born with a Y chromosome and I was born with two X’s. And we’re not just different genders we also had entirely different genetic backgrounds. Lynton-Wolfe has some theories but we may never know the answer to those questions.

Kureze: Alright…...so have a question from Ariel Diana, “What do you think is keeping Misty Hannah from joining the rest of the researchers?”

Okay. Our Misty is still stuck in stasis. Thanks Calvin. But apparently another Misty is teleporting around the universe if she can find her way here we could really use her help.

Kureze: Okay, so got a question from OthinnMxO, it says “Do you or any of the other researchers know if the new Shaper Glyphs we failed to unlock during Aurora’s challenge will be made available in some way in the future. If this is one of those we can’t disclose the answer to this time questions and I’ll gladly accept that answer.”

We do have an answer this time. Okay. So as far as we understand it the failure to unlock the Glyphs as part of the Aurora challenge means that there are no plans for them to become available in the Scanner. If we receive any new intel on that situation we will certainly pass that along.

Kureze: All right. Got a question from Gene C Victoria. Oh, Gene C. Victoria is me. “Victoria, what guarantee do we have that once all the barriers that keep the researchers trapped are broken, that you can actually be freed and not fall into some Nemesis ambush or trap?”

Wooh, yup. That’s what we’re working on, on our end we have to be ready for whatever Nemesis throws at us when that last barrier is down.

Kureze: Yeah. Okay. So we have a question from godar4, “Will the Nemesis, will Nemesis give the players medals if they do what they want?”

Oh, okay. I don’t think Nemesis has access to the Prime Scanner to be able to issue medals. And I hope you’re not asking that because you considering over going over to their side. Look, I’m as leery of the Exogenous as the next girl. But there’s a right way to doit and a wrong way. Nemesis made us suffer needlessly and gleefully. And I’m never going to forgive them for that. And I don’t think they’d hesitate to do it to you if they thought you were in their way.

Kureze: Alright. Wooh. So question from Mario Valenzuela, “Would it be possible for you to attach our Anomalous Zone to other universes?”

Okay. Dr.Lightman believes that we are only blocked from your world. So we should be able to RPE into other worlds once we get the tech going.

Kureze: Yeah. Okay. jv090791 says, “What do you know about Nemesis is true power?”

All right. Umm...I think Nemesis is true power stems from their willingness to do whatever it takes reach their goals but I think people who do that are giving up their humanity in the bargain. What good is winning against them, I can see Exogenous if we can’t look ourselves in the mirror every morning. I mean I’m...I’m not going to give up. I’m never going to give up. But I’m never going to be like them either.

Kureze: (Sigh) All right from Rich…

[Screen with corruption]

Kureze: Hi Richard. “Can you tell me if you have any contact with ADA? She has been offline since a long time.”

Yeah. Uh...we have not been in contact with ADA and frankly it worries me. Ever since she went rogue I haven’t been able to figure out what she’s after. Yeah.

Kureze: Any more of your questions? Alright...Any more questions coming in Agents? Feel free.

[Screen with corruption]

Kureze: All right. Blackie says Ingress Prime. Umm...it says Ingress Prime going to continue to be supported after Redacted to shut down? BlackIce54 here.”

Okay, so yes. The NIA says Prime will absolutely be supported going forward.

Kureze: Okay, all right. Cool. That’s all the questions we’re gonna take for today. We’re gonna be moving on. So, all right, Agents, let’s get to what you are all really here for.

We and the NIA have been monitoring a series of strange transmissions relating to the hex grid that we’re calling the Tessellation.

Agents, some of you have discovered Hexagonal Media Objects in your Scanner. And each of these Tesserae apparently belong in one particular place on the Tessellation Grid. Our mysterious benefactor has not given us access to place these pieces but we can now monitor the current state of the board. So, as you can see some pieces have already been placed.

[Kureze tap the screen and some objects appeared]

Kureze: And so forth. So, whoever behind the Tessellation is going to give you Agents the opportunity to find more of these Tesserae and to tell them where on the Tessellation you think they belong. Since we’re trapped here the NIA will be the ones leading this charge. Soon they should tell you how and where you can share when you found a piece and where you think it should go.

All we can save say from here is we believe whoever is behind the Tessellation is on our side. They seem to know Nemesis inside and out. And that intel is going to be vital to stopping Nemesis. I even think there might be something more at play there that this Tessellation may have some even grander purpose when it’s fully assembled, but of course, that’s a speculation for now.

Oh, and there’s one more thing. So placing the Tesserae correctly will help us. But it sounds like guessing wrong will help Nemesis. And the NIA will be tracking which faction places the most pieces. Because as Calvin always says “Competition breeds excellence.”

Wooh, we’re on this together. We’re all in this together, against Nemesis. But my guess is that the faction that places more of the pieces will walk away something important when all of that is said and done.

So we’re led to believe that about six of Tesserae will appear per week if that says consistent all of the pieces should be out in the wild by the end of April.

There’s even some indication that some of pieces might appear outside the Scanner in physical form.

When we figure out what that means, you’ll be the first to know. But I’m guessing we’ll learn more at the upcoming Umbra Anomaly in Sacramento.

So Agents, get out and find those Tesserae. We think there’s pattern to the Tessellation a logic to where the pieces should be placed. It’s going to be your job to figure it out. But…well, we’ll help you when we can. And if you have it logged on to the Forum yet, you should. You need to reach level 2 on the Forum to be able to post there.
Remember, this is our best chance to learn the secrets of Nemesis
and to hopefully, eventually stop them.

Kureze: And now looks like our communication window is closing. All right, good luck Agents. This is Victoria Kureze and the Niantic Project researchers. Signing off.

[Screen with corruption]