Village Drive Village strongly recommends that our older members and neighbors should stay home to avoid exposure to the novel coronavirus.

  1. Ask the delivery person to phone or text you when they leave your stuff at your door. If you have not made other payment  arrangements, attach a labeled envelope with cash or a check to your door.
  2. Discard delivery bags and containers or launder or clean them in your dishwasher. Use disinfectant wipes or other appropriate measures to decontaminate items which were handled by workers who could spread the virus even though they don’t appear to be sick. Produce can be rinsed or even washed with soap. Microwave or cook food. Disinfect the surface where you unpacked the delivered items, and wash your hands.

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  1. From an oped in the NY TIMES:  "I deliver your food.... I can’t self-quarantine because not working is not an option. If I don’t make enough money, I can’t feed my children for the next six weeks. I’m not stopping, fever or no fever."  Needless to say, this goes for the stockers in stores and warehouses and also garbage men, cooks, people who process and deliver mail and newspapers, and many other workers. Germs on the items they handle can stay infectious for more than a day. Disinfect whatever you can, and wash your hands again.