26 April 2021

Vaccinated people should still wear masks in public 

20 April 2021

Fairfax County's Long Term Care Program Manager has sent us  a link about the new scheduling process for anyone age 16+: 


18 April 2021

The Washington Post provides important information about the coronavirus for free; sign up for their Coronavirus Updates newsletter where all stories are free to read. 

15 April 2021

Changing etiquette advice 

Upshot:  (1) say ”Oh, I’m sorry, but with my family’s medical situation I still need to ….”

And (2) convincing somebody they need to get a vaccine is usually hopeless.

14 April 2021

Beginning Sunday, April 18, all individuals in the Fairfax Health District who are 16 or older will be eligible to directly schedule a vaccine appointment through 

5 April 2021

Surface Wiping

At last the CDC has agreed that we no longer have to sterilize everything we might touch,  consistent with the knowledge that COVID is almost always caused by viruses we breathe. However, we should still frequently wash our hands and keep them away from our faces.

25 March 2021

Corona testing 

18 March 2021

Vaccine scams 

12 March 2021

What you can do once your vaccinations are working:  

CDC Issues New Guidance for Fully-Vaccinated People - Fairfax County Emergency Information (


Variants  What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Variants - Fairfax County Emergency Information (


Help your friends

When it Comes to Encouraging Vaccination, It’s All About Your Friends, Neighbors and Others You Trust - Fairfax County Emergency Information (

9 March 2021   

Transportation to vaccine:


New FAQs: 

4 March 2021:  We need to continue to wear masks to protect others, even when we have been vaccinated, because the experts do not know yet whether we could be asymptomatic yet contagious to others. 

2 March 2021:  Fairfax County Health Department is figuring out how to deploy the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

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