Mawat Woakus Lodge Communications Committee

March 2019 LEC Update

The Communications Committee has been hard at work to improve the quality of the lodge’s communication efforts, and in doing so has begun the development of a Communications Committee Guidebook. The purpose is to outline exactly when something needs to be done for annual events, as well as showing future committee members how to perform basic tasks on the website.

We are not keeping up on our committee conference calls, having forgotten to do them in January and February, but we are hoping to pick that up in March.

Our plan for committee member recruitment is to utilize the website, recruit at lodge events, and most importantly, seek those who wish to help the lodge after going through their Induction as a way to be on track for Brotherhood eligibility.

By doing this, we will be able to fully meet our committee goal to have representation by non-LEC members who are excited to be a part of the OA and willing to represent their committee.