Attachment Parenting International

25 Years

2019 Update

2020 Plans

Serving families and fostering healthy attachment is the vision of Attachment Parenting International. For 25 years now, API has worked to strengthen its efforts and impact to help more children flourish and support more parents. As the challenges of growing up in this world continue, API continues its resolve to help parents benefit from API’s Eight Principles of Parenting, offering resilience and compassion through secure attachment. While celebrating a major milestone this year, API focused on its transition to expand its reach and free access to its resources; bring parenting education to more communities; and much more for the next 25 years. These are some of our activities, outcomes and impacts:

Education & Support


Advocacy and Outreach


API embraces 2020 with plans to:

API is here to support families and we welcome you to join us!

Remember, API has a new API mailing address: P.O. Box 973, Bristol, TN 37621 and new API telephone number: 615-398-2740.