WFE Pride PTO Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 26, 2019

Welcome/Call to Order at 6:06pm


Kara Frazier

Lily Duncan

Melissa Brown

Kali Wheeler

Liz Bucary

Brenda Saunders

Thomas Gilligen

Elizabeth Brown

Jonna Jenkins

Sabrina Briggs

Missy Campbell

Michael Paxton

Seth Gibbs

Lori DeMoss

Bertie Alligood

Morgan Benfield

Ciprian Curalet

Jessica de Araujo Jorge

Tracy Allen

Jennifer Barnette

Angela Parrish

Maria Duarte

Shawn Sanderson

Kara greeted the attendees. Liz and Lily read the May meeting minutes. Liz moves to approve the May meeting minutes. Lily seconds the motion. No discussion. All in favor - 30. Motion passed.

Kara introduced the officers: Melissa Brown, VP K-2. Head of Community Awards - Cash Saver, Box Tops. Kali Wheeler, VP 3-5. Spirit Night Coordinator. Liz Bucary, Secretary. Social Media and Minutes. Lily Duncan, Treasurer. Budget. Brenda Saunders, Parlimentarian - School Supply box coordinator.

Mrs. Alligood presented the Principal’s Report: Very grateful to the PTO for the assistance in purchasing items for the school.

WFE is a 2019 Rewards School, including being the top 25% for growth in grades. WFE top 5 schools in Sumner County.  

Staffing changes: full-time nurse, ELL teacher - Ms. Borneo. Art - Ms. Fleming. K - Ms. Griepentrog. 1st grade - Ms. Tuttle. 5th grade - Florio. Lost a 2nd-grade teacher due to student count, making a total of 3 second grade teachers. CDC teacher - Ms. Lee. New Assistants - Ms. Osman, Ms. Harlan, and Ms. Crutcher. Ms. Means moved to 1st grade. Lori DeMoss moved to 2nd grade.

New communication tool: Skyward for grades and message portal. Bus App - update the app for effectiveness.

Ask county board members to update the classrooms to match the rest of the updated school.

Lily reviewed the bank balance ($33,985) and budget with the board members, updating us on totals and budgets from the previous year.

Lily discussed increasing the budget for Spring Fling to $4,000. Fall Event to $750.00. KISS dance to $1000.00. Teacher Appreciation to $1500.00. Operating account to $1000.00. Keeping Sheriff's Camp to $100 annually.  $10,000 cap for new sound system in the gym.

Jessica de Aurgo Jorge motioned to approve the budget. Melissa Brown second the motion. No discussion. All in favor. Motion to approve the budget passed.

Liz Bucary motioned to spend $2, 395 for a new sign by the road. Melissa Brown 2nd the motion. No discussion. Motion passed.

Old Business (Kara):

New Business (Kara):

Questions: Does the PTO try to get donations before spending funds?  Can we make item requests on FB. Do we have a Chamber of Commerce contact? Can each kid bring in one dollar a week to cover teacher appreciation?

Adjourn at 7:15pm