UKU Junior Open Outdoor Nationals & Schools National Championships 2019 Information Pack

We look forward to seeing you at Junior Open Outdoor Nationals and Schools National Championships 2019.  We hope you will have an enjoyable and competitive day, and we believe the information contained in this pack will facilitate this. Contact details for the organisers are included if you do have further questions.


Tournament Director:        Ant Bailey        07876 597997


Address: University of Leicester Playing Fields, Stoughton Road, Leicester, LE2 4FS.

Directions: Access is from Stoughton Road (B582).

From the West: Leave the M1 at Junction 21. Take the A5460 heading east, and follow the ring road around the south of the city (A563). At the end of the A563, take the second exit at the roundabout onto the A6 south. Turn left onto New Street (B562) following signs for Stoughton and Leicester Airport. This becomes Stoughton Road. The venue is on the right after the junction with Manor Road.

From the East: Travel up the A6. Turn right onto New Street (B562) following signs for Leicester Airport. This becomes Stoughton Road. The venue is on the right after the junction with Manor Road.

From Leicester train station: Travel by taxi or catch either the X3 or 31 bus (get off opposite Waitrose or at the junction with The Parade respectively, from there it is ~1 mile on foot)..


Conduct at the Venue


The venue has the usual sports facilities (changing rooms, showers, etc.). Water is available from the pavillion.

However there is NO CAFE ON SITE.

There is a Waitrose supermarket on the junction between A6 and New Street (~1 mile away), and an Asda supermarket further north on the A6 (~1.5 miles away).

Disc Sales

There will be a limited number of discs for sale from UK Ultimate over the weekend. These will be sold from the TD desk in the pavilion. They will be priced at £10 per disc.


Please report all injuries, mishaps and other problems to the TD desk. First aid can also be received from the first aider, and they will ring for an ambulance if necessary.

In case of minor injuries which require immediate medical attention, the nearest A&E is Leicester Royal Infirmary. A set of directions will be available from the TD desk. Please inform the tournament directors ASAP of any accident requiring an ambulance or first aid response.


The schedule for the weekend can be found here:

End of Game Rules

End of game rules for all matches are listed in the schedule.

A point starts when the previous point is scored.

In all games there is no need to stop to acknowledge the hooter!

3-way Ties

If teams record the same number of wins in groups, the order of finishing will be decided as follows:

  1. Head to head between tied teams
  2. Points difference in games between tied teams
  3. Points difference in the whole pool
  4. Points scored in games between tied teams
  5. Points scored in the whole pool
  6. Rock-paper-scissors best of 3

After Your Games

There will be plenty of space on the fields for spirit circles and calls after the games. Please ensure that you vacate pitches quickly so that teams for the next match can use the space to warm up and start playing.

After you have done your calls please complete the online Spirit form as soon as possible, so that we can keep the day running smoothly. (How to score spirit is outlined below.)

Spirit of the Game

We’re using the same spirit system we use for all our adult events - please ask at the tournament desk if you have any queries.

Spirit scores are to be entered through an online form,

which can be found here:

You should be able to access the form on your smartphone (or one of your team-mates’ phones – some models seem to struggle more than others) and facilities will be available at the TD desk to input your scores if you can’t get it to work – but be aware there may be a queue for just one laptop there! Use your phone if you can.

Please enter scores as promptly as you are able – in particular, we expect to award a spirit trophy based on the results that have been entered before the presentation.

Rules of Ultimate

Please make sure your players are as familiar with the rules as possible.  Experienced players and coaches should take time during the day to help newer players learn any rules they don’t know.  Try to do this on the sideline after the point rather than holding up a game if possible.  There will be a copy of the rules available at the TD desk if you need to see it.

Link to current UKU rules HERE.

In the Case of an Emergency

If you come across a fire, please raise the alarm at the point closest to you or inform a member of staff immediately. Then immediately make your way to the assembly point and do not collect your personal belongings.

As a team captain/coach/school teacher, please make sure that all of your players are there and then let the TD know that you have everyone with you. If you can’t find one of your players, DO NOT go into the building - just let the TD know as soon as possible.

CUT Camp Scotland - Learn From The Best

UKU Junior Open Outdoor Nationals & Schools National Championships are proud to be supported this year by CUT Camp Scotland.

For the first time ever, younger players in the UK will have the opportunity this summer to attend a week-long residential training camp, where they can hone their skills in the company of some of the world’s best coaches and players. Run by the University of St Andrews in conjunction with the US-based CUT Camps, it will combine the fantastic facilities in St Andrews (pitches and gym as used by Barcelona FC and many others; single en-suite rooms with full board; a beautiful location) with the camp expertise of CUT (many years’ experience running residential ultimate camps in the US, in various cities, with the biggest names in the sport coaching a fantastic curriculum).

With a camper to coach ratio of at most 5:1, and a fully immersive breakfast-to-bedtime schedule, players will get to spend quality time both on and off the field with these legends of the game. Already confirmed for 2019 are coaches like Goose Helton, Jesse Shofner, Kaela Helton, Claire Revere and Ben Oort – all here to help you get better.

The camp runs from the afternoon of Sunday 28th July through to Friday 2nd August, and can be booked through the CUT Camps Website:

If you have any questions regarding you or your children attending the camp, please contact Benji Heywood on


Discraft sponsor all UK Ultimate tournaments and are of course the suppliers for your team disc at this event.

We wish you the best of luck for the weekend and hope you have a great time!

Spirit Criteria*








Not So Good

Good (Normal)

Very Good



Rules Knowledge and Use

  • They repeatedly showed that they didn’t know the rules and weren’t willing to learn them.
  • They intentionally broke the rules.
  • They didn’t know all the main rules and didn’t try to learn them.
  • They didn’t keep to time limits.
  • They had good knowledge of the rules or were willing to learn them.
  • They kept to time limits.
  • They knew advanced rules and applied them well.
  • They helped us to understand the rules.
  • They knew advanced rules and helped us to understand them.
  • They clearly explained how the rules applied to situations in the game.

Fouls and Body Contact

  • There were several examples of dangerous plays.
  • They repeatedly fouled us, even after we spoke to them about it.
  • There was a bit too much body contact.
  • There were a couple of dangerous plays.
  • There was very little or no body contact and it didn’t affect the game.
  • They actively tried to avoid body contact.
  • They tried to avoid body contact when moving and catching.
  • They changed their movements to avoid body contact.


  • They were never willing to listen to our points of view.
  • They made several calls which were not justified or fair.
  • They tried to make every call go their way.
  • They made a couple of calls which seemed unfair.
  • They complained when we made calls.
  • They only made fair calls on things which affected the game.
  • They listened to our points of view and were willing to accept them.
  • They gave opinions on calls which benefitted us if they thought that we were right.
  • They were willing to accept that they were wrong when they made calls.
  • They often gave opinions to support us or helped us to understand why we could make a call if we were unsure.
  • They stayed fair in important points.

Positive Attitude and Self-Control

  • They were often rude towards others.
  • They were physically aggressive.
  • They ‘spiked’ the disc aggressively or damaged equipment several times.
  • They didn’t respect us.
  • They were rude or aggressive towards others sometimes.
  • They celebrated when we made mistakes.
  • They ‘spiked’ the disc aggressively or damaged equipment occasionally.
  • They were generally friendly, polite and positive during and after the game.
  • They played with the same attitude regardless of the score.
  • They were very friendly and polite.
  • They introduced themselves to us or spoke to us on the sideline.
  • They complimented us when we did something well.
  • They didn’t get angry with others.
  • They were very friendly and polite, even during stressful times.
  • They celebrated with us when we did something well.
  • They didn’t get angry, even when things didn’t go well for them.


  • They refused to discuss calls or got angry in discussions.
  • They used offensive language or behaviour.
  • They often gave opinions on calls without being invited.
  • They got angry or were rude during calls sometimes.
  • They took too long in discussions or between points.
  • They communicated respectfully throughout.
  • They clearly explained their point of view and waited their turn when we spoke.
  • They kept to discussion time limits.
  • They were very polite during calls and provided examples to help us to understand their point of view.
  • They sometimes used official hand signal to help other players understand what was going on.
  • They discussed spirit issues if needed.
  • They took time to make sure our newer players knew what was happening and why.
  • They were very polite during calls and helped us if we were struggling to explain ourselves.
  • They used official hand signals throughout the game.

Comments - You MUST add a comment about why you’ve given a team that score if you’ve scored them with any 4s or 0s, or if the total score is less than 6 or more than 14. If you’re not sure if you’ve scored someone correctly, check with your teacher, coach or at the TD desk.
*Revised from original WFDF document for use at Junior Open Indoor Nationals 2018.

Pitch Map

Hospital Directions

Driving directions from University of Leicester Playing Field, Stoughton Road to Leicester Royal Infirmary, Infirmary Close.

1. Leave B582 / Stoughton Road towards Gartree Road - 1.3 mi

2. At the roundabout, take 1st exit on to A6030 / Gartree Road - 0.5 mi
3. Turn right on to A6 / London Road - 0.8 mi
4. At roundabout, take 3rd exit - 0.7 mi
5. Turn left onto A594 / Waterloo Way - 0.2 mi
6. Turn right on to Regent Road - 0.3 mi
7. Turn left on to A594 / Welford Road - 0.1 mi
8. Turn right to stay on A594 / Infirmary Road - 0.1 mi
9. Bear left onto Infirmary Close - 259 ft
10. Arrive at Infirmary Close

Nearby Supermarkets