Johnny Awesome

World of Warcraft

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Member of the infamous raid group Uber Town. Owner of frostsaber Dazzle. Rider of celestial steed Twinkles. Adventurer of Hillsbrad Foothills. AFKer during the battle against Illidan Stormrage.

Johnny Awesome is the one hero in WoW we all wish we could be.

Jeff’s Choices




Johnny and Dazzle his spirit beast frostsaber.

Trait- “<Away>”

It is commonly known that when the battle gets tough Johnny is… well he is AFK. We all know the feeling of having a player AFK while trying to play a game. The good news is that Johnny has his spirit beast frostsaber Dazzle to cover him in the nexus. In this kit Johnny will have limited abilities and the player will control Dazzle when he is <Away> The player will be able to control the movement of Johnny on the battlefield- when this trait is activated Johnny will go AFK and take a seat. When he goes AFK Dazzle will spawn and will be controllable by the player. Dazzle will need to stay a predefined distance from Johnny at all times and will not be able to leave his side. THey have a shared health pool. If the trait is activated again Johnny take control again and Dazzle will disappear into the mist. Dazzle moves at a mounted speed at all times but must stay within range of Johnny.

Mount- Twinkles the Celestial Steed

Q- “Prowl” Dazzle

Dazzle becomes stealthed and can activate this again to pounce on a selected target. This pounce does massive damage and stuns the target for a short amount of time. If the target is stunned close to Johnny they will take increased damage. THe thought here is to lure the target close to Johnny and then unleash an ambush on them.

W- “Binding Shot” Johnny

Johnny fires an arrow from his bow that binds a player to him for a short amount of time. This ability gives Dazzle the time to deal damage to the target before they move out of the circle… the combo here is to  use binding shot and then the trait <Away> to summon Dazzle and begin dealing damage.

W- “Spirit Beast Blessing” Dazzle

When activated Dazzle is able to make Johnny immune for a short amount of time.

E- “Fish and Meat” Johnny

Cat's diet in World of Warcraft… Fish and Meat…

While controlling Johnny the player can activate this ability to drop food for Dazzle on the battlefield. While controlling Dazzle the player can a short amount of time to eat this food to restore health to both Johnny and Dazzle. (Shared Health Pool) If dazzle eats 3 meals he will be “well fed” and gain a health and movement speed buff.

Heroic 1- “Kill Command”

When the player is controlling Dazzle they can activate the kill command. As soon as it's activated Johnny springs up and immediately fires an arcane shot that will deal massive damage. This will have a visual similar to what Malthael and Greymane have for their ultimates and will show the Johnny player targets that will be illuminated by this ability. After it is used Johnny goes AFK again and Dazzle will immediately rejoin the battle.

Heroic 2- “<Uber Town>” Passive

Johnny and Dazzle no longer have a shared health pool. They work just like Rexxar and his pet Meesha.

Specialty Skin: 

Jumanji: Van Pelt


Dazzle Jumps over an AFK Johnny over and over again


Cat at the Piano Dance- 

Kristen’s Choices

If Looks Could Kill







Johnny’s team levels his powers up for him. Each of his abilities is empowered by the actions of his teammates because Johnny is too busy to complete his own quests.




Call Dazzle

After his teammates complete his quest to kill a certain number of lane minions, Johnny can now summon Dazzle. This is a unit Johnny can use to target enemies. It also gives him movement speed… should he need to run away.


Beatific Presence

For this quest, his team must deal a certain amount of damage to the enemy Heroes. When done, Johnny is able to strike a pose so awe inspiring that all nearby enemies are stunned and blinded in rapture as they gaze upon his glorious appeal.



Once a certain level of structural damage has been achieved by his team, Johnny Awesome is finally able to unleash a well-timed scoff at his foes, showing them just how little he cares for their pathetic powers. During this, he laughs at them, lowering their armor, attack speed and move speed.


Twinkle, Twinkle

Tired of losing, Johnny’s outfit is quickly changed out for his twink gear. The summon involves pieces of his armor switching to different, more impressive pieces of armor. Once complete, Johnny is given at least a five level bonus to all of his basic attacks and abilities.


Uber Town

What’s better than one member of your raid group? Every member of your raid group. Members of Uber Town arrive in groups to help Johnny fell his enemies. With 25 total to go through, they arrive in packs of four to five to swarm their weak foes.


        Jenny Awesome

        Prince Charming

Agony! Far more painful than yours!


        Catwalk Strut

He is a model, you know what he means, and he does his little turn on the catwalk.