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WTYBA League Rules
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USSSA National rules will be followed for all play, except these local rules. If not covered in USSSA national Rules, we will use NFHS rules.

1. The league's code of conduct rules will be strictly enforced. Please remind all players, fans, and coaches to follow them. They are located in the document section of our website.

2. Any time a coach or fan is ejected from a game they must leave the complex immediately. An ejected player must go to their parents or if not present must sit in the dugout. Additional suspension action may be given depending on the situation.

3. Participants must follow all City of Amarillo, City of Canyon Parks and WTAMU facility rules at all times. Any violations are grounds for suspension from any West Texas Youth Baseball event.

4. Game times/Innings:

13U-14U 1hr. 45 minutes or 7 innings

9U-12U 1hr. 30 minutes or 6 innings

7U-8U 1hr. 15 minutes or 6 innings

No inning will start once time has expired. If the home team is behind they get their last at bat. League games can end in a tie if time is expired.

Run rules: 20 after 1, 15 after 2, 12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5.
Coach pitch doesn’t have a run rule until the 3
rd  inning and it’s 15 after 3, 10 after 4, and 8 after 5. Coach pitch has a 7 run max per inning.

5. Teams must leave dugouts and stands completely clean. They must also leave the field area immediately after the game to have any kind of team meeting. We have a great relationship with the cities and WTAMU. If coaches don’t enforce this, they could forfeit their next game.

6. Any time a new pitcher comes into a game, they must be announced to the home plate umpire. No pitcher can re- enter the game as the pitcher once they leave the position.

7. Coaches must have a copy of roster, insurance, medical waivers, and birth certificates available at all games. If using the grade exception, they must also the required documents as per USSSA rule.

8. All coaches that are in the game(4 max), MUST SUBMIT AND PASS THE BACKGROUND CHECK THROUGH USSSA.  ANY COACH THAT IS FOUND TO NOT BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH USSSA’S NATIONAL BACKGROUND CHECK -SAFE SPORT ACT-COULD BE SUSPENDED. THIS IS A FEDERAL MANDATE BY THE SAFE SPORT ACT OF 2017. EACH COACH MUST ALSO REGISTER ON WTYBA.COM BY CLICKING THE GREEN REG BUTTON. If coaching on more than one team, send an email to westtexasyouthbaseball@gmail with team information -age and name-to be added to multiple rosters.

9. No team will be allowed to borrow players from other league teams unless; they are down to 8 players for 9U-14U teams, or 9 players for Coach Pitch  teams. You can only borrow enough to bring you up to a 9 player roster-except for Coach Pitch which is 10. For example-if you have 7 players, you can only borrow 2 to bring you up to 9. Any borrowed player must bat last and if kid pitch, is not allowed to pitch.  Here is the rule for picking up a player for league play.

1. The head coach must notify the league director of the situation by emailing 2. The player must be from the same age division as your team. 3. The head coach must notify the coach of the borrowed player.

10. A player cannot  just quit a team and go to another league team during the season. There are times when things do not work out, but here is the procedure that must be followed before a player can leave a team during the season and be added to another team during the same season.

The parent must email the league with the details explaining why they are wanting to leave the team. At that point, the league will contact the coach to discuss the situation. If the coach agrees, the player will be released and allowed to be picked up by another team during the current season. If the coach does not agree, the player will not be released or allowed to play for another team during the current season nor local tournament play. The coach will notify the league by email of his decision. This rule is to protect the integrity of the program and prevents parents from moving players from team to team during the season.

No new players can be added to your roster without contacting the league director. Once approval is given, they must be added to your USSSA roster and their parents must fill out the player registration on If a coach is having problems with a player or parent, they must address the situation via email to the league as soon as it takes place. There has to be a good, documented reason to tell a player they are cut from your team before the season is over. While the league doesn’t tell a coach how to run their team, they need to understand that if their actions violate our code of conduct the disciplinary board will get involved.

11. Each team must provide 1 baseball per game, and have baseballs available when needed. Teams are responsible for supplying their own game balls, and the must have the USSSA stamp.

12. You have 3 options for your lineup. You can bat the entire roster with free substitutions. Bat 10 with the 10 hole as an extra hitter. The EH is a positional player with free substitutions. You can choose to bat 9, but must follow official rules regarding substitutions. You must announce your choice at the plate meeting. In coach pitch, you must bat your entire lineup.

13. In coach pitch, you can start a game with 8 players, but there will be an out in the 9 spot. In kid pitch, you can start with 8 players and again take an out in the 9 spot. If you have a player coming late, list them as a sub and then put them in if they arrive. You can list them in the batting order, but it will be an out when their spot comes up if they don’t show up. We must follow the national rule on this. It has caused too many problems in the past, so we decided years ago to stick to national rule.

14. If roster batting and a player leaves the game due to injury or another commitment that was announced at the pate meeting, that spot in the lineup will be skipped with no out given unless the lineup drops below 9.

15. How to determine age: However old your oldest player is on 4/30 is how old your team will be for the year which runs from August 1st  through July 31st each year. Ex: If your oldest player is 11 on 4/30/2022, they are an 11U player for the 2022 season which runs 8/1/2021-7/31/2022.

16. Positive chatter is allowed, but is limited to players supporting their own teammates. No noise makers allowed.

17. No infield practice before games.

18. Between Innings: A maximum of 90 seconds or 5 warm-up pitches will be allowed between innings with timing started upon the third out. Umpire shall keep time of pitcher warm-ups between innings. Automatic strikes may be called on offensive teams not ready and automatic balls called on defensive teams after the umpire directs teams to play ball. A new pitcher shall have a maximum of 8 warm-up pitches. If an injury to the pitcher results in a pitching change the new pitcher will be given 5 minutes maximum for warm-up.

20. Clock starts @ the end of plate meeting. The umpire has official time.

21. Speed Up Rule
A courtesy runner is mandatory for catchers with two outs. Courtesy runners are optional with less than two outs. The courtesy runner must be a substitute or the last recorded out if roster batting. A courtesy runner is allowed for the pitcher and catcher of record from the last defensive inning only.

22. Safety Rule: A runner has 4 options to avoid collision. 1. Go back 2. Go around 3. Give up 4. Slide.   If contact is made due to failure to follow these options, the runner is out. If ,in the umpire's opinion, the contact was malicious, the player is out and will be ejected. The only exception to this contact rule is incidental contact. Again, if the umpire feels that the player could have avoided contact, he will be called out. This is for the protection of all players.

23.  All on deck batters must take their position behind the batter at the plate. Due to fields not being regulation and on deck kids not paying attention, they can be seriously injured by foul balls.

24. No 2 peace helmets allowed in any age/division.

25. All bats will have to meet the USSSA rules effective 1/1/2012. NO EXCEPTIONS

26. Only 2 coaches are allowed on the field at any time. Only 4 coaches total per team.

27. All players must stay in the dugout when not playing defense, on deck, batting, or a base runner. They can’t be standing in the door of the dugout.

28. Absolutely no slash bunting allowed. If a player slashes bunts, he will be called out and the 3rd base coach will be ejected.

29. No bat boys/girls allowed.


Revised 7/13/2020