APPLICATION for EVENTS on MAIN (One per date) (Application made by appointment only)

Name (Individual, Business, or Organization)____________________________________________________

Name of any other person(s) allowed to make decisions take keys etc________________________________


Contact Person (Designate 1 person responsible for the event start to finish)__________________________________

Telephone:_______________________ Email:__________________________________________________

Date of Function: __________________________ Purpose of Function:______________________________

Number of Attendees (Maximum Capacity-175 according to Fire Marshall): ____________________________

How did you hear about us?_________________________________________________________________

Provided with rental are 12 round tables (5 foot diameter) (seats 8-9) and 124 white chairs

Time of Use (Any deviation in time or price is only allowed by the owners)(Event space & Boardwalk only):

$350 Full Wkday M-Th 9am to 11pm        ______        $200 Weekday Day M-F 9am to 3pm                _____

$600 Full Friday 9am to 11pm        ______        $300 Weekday Evening M-Th 4pm to 11pm         _____

$900 Full Saturday 9am to 11pm        ______        $500 Friday Evening 4pm to 11pm                _____

$750 Full Sunday 9am to 11pm        ______        $250 Friday Eve 4pm to 11pm + Saturday        _____

No partial Saturday or Sunday unless booking within 30 days of the event

$250 Wkday M-Th 4 hrs flex         ______   to ______        $450 Friday 4 hours flex          _____   to _____        

$500 Saturday 4 hrs flex              ______   to ______        $350 Sunday 4 hours flex        _____   to _____

Refundable Damage/Cleaning deposit is $150                Bar & Bar area Fee $100 Y/N

Cleaning Fee $100-150 Y/N (1 hour max)                          Alcoholic Beverages Served? Y/N                          

A one time $15 fee for credit card use (up to 10) transactions for the duration of paying off the rental fees.                

If you will be serving alcohol, you MUST call the Canton police at 770.720.4883 to hire a Canton police officer for the function. Contact name is needed by final payment.  If you hire a caterer with liquor license for downtown Canton, this eliminates the need for hiring the police.

Half of the rental fee is due to secure the facility. This 1/2 fee is nonrefundable for any reason. The other 1/2 of the rental fee and refundable damage/cleaning fee is due 30 days prior to your event.

I have read the rules and regulations for using the facility and fully accept the terms of this agreement and agree to abide by them and be financially responsible for any damage to furnishings, equipment, or the facility by anyone associated with this use.  (Please initial rules & regulations page after you have read it)

Signature ____________________________________________________ Date _____________________

For more information, contact Majesty Brown 770-630-4035.  This application is good from 8/23/2018 till superseded with a new one., All information is subject to change.  Make sure you are filling out a current application.