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Simple Pin Inner Circle from Simple Pin Media®
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Simple Pin Inner Circle

A 6-week done-with-you Pinterest course/mastermind for business owners who want to use Pinterest to grow their business.

You need a plan…A Pinterest plan!

You’re looking for THE Pinterest course that is going to answer all the questions you have about Pinterest.

The foundations, strategy, pinning, and for the love of all things holy you just need someone to tell you how many pins per day and how far apart you need to schedule.

Type A’s of the world, I see you. You need a plan.

Type B’s of the world, I see you too. You also need a plan.

And not just any plan that someone came up with based on their experience, but a plan that takes into consideration your goals, business model, time, targeting, and need for growth.

A Pinterest plan that fits YOU

There is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL Pinterest course. It doesn’t exist.

And maybe that’s the problem, we’ve been trying to put Pinterest education into a course and it doesn’t promote action or accountability.

Courses just give us more to hold in our brains.

What if we combined a course, live training, digital products, and a mastermind to create something that prompts growth for your business?

Picture this…

You have a group of people with the same goal of growing their business on Pinterest.

Sales, email sign-ups, traffic, affiliate sales…you’re all rowing in the same direction of growth.

Put them together for a short time with experts.

Now build a roadmap of Pinterest marketing tasks that are perfectly mapped out in the right order.

Give them a coach to guide them through the roadmap.

Add to that two live coaching calls and you have Pinterest MAGIC!

The Pinterest Magic

Two months ago we set out to create a new type of learning, the Simple Pin Inner Circle. We launched it with 15 members and our goal was to learn as much from them as they were from us.

Before we dive into their results, here’s what the Simple Pin Inner Circle is…

➡️➡️➡️ The Simple Pin Inner Circle Pinterest Mastermind.

It’s just like what it sounds. A group of business owners all working towards the goal of creating a Pinterest marketing strategy that grows their business. In just 6 weeks.

Our goal is to help you unlock growth and engagement with our proven Pinterest marketing framework used with thousands of Pinterest accounts.

Here’s what you can expect over the 6 weeks: ⬇️⬇️⬇️

👋👋 Week 1 == Join & Pinterest Audit

When you join the Inner Circle you’re brought into a Slack group with other members who have the same goal of figuring out how to use Pinterest for their business.

Inside the Slack group, you’ll find your Simple Pin Concierge, Sara. She will be leading you through the curriculum, answering your questions, and even open to dm’s.

She will be there to answer any questions you have, help troubleshoot when you’re struggling, and hold you accountable for finishing the work.

You’ll complete a branding form so we have information on you, your goals, and a general understanding of your brand. Not only do we want you to fill this out for us, but for you as well.

First call → You’ll be on Zoom for our first kick-off call. You’ll learn what will be covered over the 6 weeks, the outline of the group, and how our team can help support you.

Plus, we’re going to cover the roadmap for how to audit, develop, and plan for your perfect Pinterest strategy.

This is also a time to make sure all tech connections are completed. We will give you resources for low-cost tech people to reach out to for help if needed.

🖥️🖥️ Week 2 - Analytics and Keywords

It’s time to dive into analytics! How to assess your numbers, establish a baseline, and evaluate goals for growth.

In addition, we help you establish your keyword bank! These are the keywords that will help you get seen in search.

📌📌Week 3 - Clean up and organize your Pinterest account.

We have a detailed PDF about how to clean up and organize your Pinterest account. This includes all settings, profile, boards, and the look of your account.

🎥🎥 Week 4 - Mastermind Images & Video Pins! 

We will provide you with 5 templates in Canva to help get your creative juices flowing. Drop your new creations in the Slack channel and we can give you feedback. These are templates our design team has created especially for the Inner Circle.

👷‍♀️👷‍♀️ Q&A Call – Time to catch up on all your questions and help you troubleshoot where you’re stuck.

📈📈 Week 5 - Pinning!

This is where we get to the heart of what to pin, when to pin, how often to pin, the scheduling tool we use, and how to develop a plan that doesn’t take you hours.  You can share screenshots of your Tailwind Queue, test out other scheduling tools, and ask for feedback or live pin.

👩‍🏫👩‍🏫Week 6 – Strategy + final call

Join the final call on Zoom. We know you’ve put in the work and we don’t want anyone feeling unsettled or have any questions. If you get to the end and feel like you’re set up and ready to go but need more support, we will provide a monthly option for you.

➡️➡️➡️ The investment = $597 for the 6 weeks Pinterest mastermind.

Estimated time commitment per week: 2-4 hours.

**I know this sounds like a lot but our students that went through the first round found that 1-2 hours a week was not enough during the mastermind to get the maximum results. This is realistic and we want to be honest about the time needed.

Join the waitlist for the Simple Pin Inner Circle

**Doors are now closed and will reopen in early September. Join the waitlist to be notified

Why Inner Circle?

We have a Pinterest marketing service called the Accelerator where we do ALL of this for our clients. We have received great feedback on that program over the last 18 months that it’s been running.

But there are those of you who want to do this yourself. You need to understand the strategy and tactics you’re using. How to adjust and make changes when needed.

We wanted to bring what we offer our clients to your business while doing it WITH you. You’re doing the work but we’re coaching you.

Yes, you can just buy a course but there’s a flaw in that model.

Most don’t get completed.

And several of the courses out there are tested on only a small demographic and limited niche.

Not only have we tested our tactics but we know how to troubleshoot keywords, images, daily pinning, and so much more.

Our team can tell you what works and doesn’t work. And if we find something we’ve never tested before we will test it first on my Pinterest account and second on our other test accounts.

And we won’t give you the results until we’ve dug deep to figure out if it works or not.

If we wouldn’t use it with our clients' accounts we wouldn’t teach it.

Last, the big-name courses that get all the play get hardly any good results. Believe me, I’ve heard from their students and their marketing is better than their education.

Does this work?

Fantastic question and you should ALWAYS ask that before diving into a new education endeavor for your business.

Here’s what some of the founding members said after completing the mastermind.

**Sara is our fabulous team member leading the group through the weekly action items.

“Learning how to revisit and refine my strategy was such an eye-opener.”

“The referral for tech with my shop help me understand and improve my conversions”.

“Learning strategy at the end of the mastermind brought it all together and was a game changer.”

“If you’re struggling with consistency, or wondering how to ensure exposure for your posts or products inner circle will give you the foundation and strategy you need. From keyword selection to pin creation, they have tons of best practices to guide your process. I’ve never participated in a course with such a generous and helpful supportive team.”  - Marly

From our clients:

And this is what our clients get when they go through this exact same system.

**Screenshots taken on February 2024.

No Holding Back!

I’ve always been super cautious about saying other courses aren’t good or they don’t get results.

But I’ve figured out now that some of those courses have amazing marketers, but terrible Pinterest teaching.

I’m tired of seeing good small business owners waste their money on Pinterest courses only to get less-than-stellar results. And NONE of their questions were answered.

Leaving them with a course that did absolutely nothing.

So I’m done sitting in the background watching really good marketers sell really terrible courses.

Let’s speed up your time, speed up your learning, provide the support you need, AND get you the results you want.

In just 6 weeks.

This is not the part where I say.. “But wait, there’s more”.

Inner Circle IS more.

The Simple Pin Inner Circle has 6 weeks mapped out for you of what you need to achieve Pinterest success. It’s the exact model we take our clients through. Done, end of story, it’s all you need.

It’s up to you.

Here’s how to know if you’re ready for this:

  1. Mastering a Pinterest strategy for your business is at the top of your list for 2024.
  2. You have 6 weeks to commit to this mastermind.
  3. You have 2-4 hours per week to complete the tasks.
  4. You’re a self-starter
  5. You’re done buying courses that don’t help you take action.
  6. You want the inside look at the Simple Pin Media method.

Here’s how to know if you’re NOT ready for this:

  1. You’re in the middle of a re-brand.
  2. You don’t have time. It’s fine. I ONLY want people who have some margin in their business time to take this.
  3. You have vacations planned. We want you to get the most out of this time.
  4. You’re looking for hacks or a quick rise to the top. I don’t teach those. There are plenty of YouTube videos of dudes teaching those hacks for free. Save your time and watch those instead.


I know Pinterest marketing can be confusing and frustrating. You’ve been grinding it out on Instagram and you’re probably exhausted.

You know Pinterest is important and it’s been getting all the leftovers of your business time.

Throw up a few posts here and there and call it good. Everyone says it will drive traffic but it’s not…so…it sits there on your list of things to do. You buy a course to feel like you’re making progress but honestly you have no idea what you’re doing.


Let’s get you a plan in 6 weeks that not only helps you understand Pinterest but gets it up and running in the most effective way possible.

Let’s do this once and for all so we can be done with the confusion and get some clarity!

A win from one of our Inner Circle members:

“I finally nailed down a pinning strategy for all three of my Pinterest Business accounts. With the help I got from the program, I've set up a simple system that we can stick to and that I'm confident will help my business grow in the long run.” - Destini

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**Doors are now closed and will reopen in early September. Join the waitlist to be notified

Questions You Might Have…

Some questions you might have, especially if you’re a fact-finder and want to make sure this is a solid investment for you.

How much is it? The cost is $597. Includes 2 coaches, Slack community, 2 Zoom calls, 1 working call, Pinterest Image templates, video guides, and PDF guides for the work. And year's worth of Pinterest research and knowledge from the SPM team!

Do you offer payment plans? Yes, 2 payments of $300 each. The first payment is when you sign up and then another payment is billed automatically at the 4-week mark. A total of $600 for the 2 payments. Save $3 when you pay in full! Kidding! $300 each made the math easier with this payment option.

What is it? Think of it like this…Take a course, mastermind, and live workshop fuse it all together and you have the Simple Pin Inner Circle. It combines education with accountability in the span of 6 weeks. I’m not interested in you buying a course and letting it sit in your inbox. Let’s take action on this in a short amount of time so you can get it done!

When is it? The next cohort will be early September.

Where is it hosted? We will be hosting the group inside our Slack channel where we can answer your questions and the rest of the group can give feedback as well. Then any video calls will be hosted in Zoom.

Who is leading?  We have assigned two of our leading Simple Pin Media team members, Sara and Emily, who have extensive experience working with all different types of accounts. They will be explaining the weekly action items, walking you through any necessary steps to complete tasks, hosting Zoom calls, and answering questions.  

How is this different than the Accelerator program you offer? The Accelerator program is something we take all of our Done For You clients through. We do all the steps for them and transition them into monthly management when they are finished. Or they outsource to their team. This product costs $2997 while the Inner Circle is $597 and you’re doing the work yourself but WITH our team. If you want to know more about the accelerator you can learn more here.

What do we get? First, scroll up and read the details each week but if you’re talking high-level then I would say this….

And the best part…never having to look for another Pinterest course again. Because you’re going to set this all up, know how to do it, adjust it, and make the tweaks necessary when needed.

How to sign up? Click the link on this page and checkout. After checkout, you’ll receive instructions to join the Slack group, dates for the Zoom calls, and introductions to your instructors.

Join the waitlist for the Simple Pin Inner Circle

**Doors are now closed and will reopen in early September. Join the waitlist to be notified

How long do I have to decide if I want to sign up? The cart for this closes on March 6th. We want to allow the groups to move together as one unit. It is unknown if we will open this again in the spring so if you want in now is your time.

Do you offer refunds? If you have buyer’s remorse and on day 1 you’re not all in then we can work something out. If it’s after week 1 we do not offer refunds.

Who is this for? Anyone who wants to use Pinterest marketing as a part of their marketing plan in 2024.

Join the waitlist for the Simple Pin Inner Circle

**Doors are now closed and will reopen in early September. Join the waitlist to be notified

Here’s a reminder of what’s included:

Join the waitlist for the Simple Pin Inner Circle

**Doors are now closed and will reopen in early September. Join the waitlist to be notified