Annual Organizational Meeting Notice and Agenda Rufus Hitch Elementary Local School Council

5625 N. McVicker, Chicago, IL Annual Organizational Meeting for the 2019-2020 School Year

Tuesday, July 9 2019, 6:00 pm, Library

1. Call Meeting to Order Former Chairperson/ Former Vice Chairperson

2. Establish Quorum Former Chairperson/ Former Vice Chairperson

3. Selection of Temporary Chairperson Former Chairperson/ Former Vice Chairperson

4. Selection of Temporary Secretary Temporary Chairperson

5. Approval of Agenda Temporary Chairp

6. Nominations and Selection of Chairperson Temporary Chairperson

7. Nominations and selection of Secretary Chairperson

8. Nominations and selection of Vice-Chair Chairperson

(position is optional)

9. Nominations and selection of FOIA/OMA Chairperson

officer(s) (only if office is vacant)

10. Set Regular Meetings Schedule Chairperson

11. Adopt/Re-adopt Bylaws or Establish Chairperson

Bylaws Committee

12. Adopt/Re-adopt Rules of Order Chairperson

for LSC Meetings

13. Discuss the establishment of a principal Chairperson/McInerny

evaluation subcommittee

14. Announce Date of First Regular Meeting Chairperson 15. Public Participation

16. Adjournment Chairperson