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Developer Job Description
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Lead Full Stack Laravel Developer

Description & Role:

Looking for a full stack Laravel developer who is going to start at the ground floor and grow with our team. We’ve got the domain, the vision and the funding, we need the team member who is going to help us bring this to life.

In the beginning you will be responsible for designing and architecting the database and getting everything hosted. Then writing the code to create an MVP so that we can launch and get users on the site. We anticipate 10k-50k users will join within the first 2 months of our launch.

This is a long term project with many layers. The proof of concept is relatively simple and should take 2-4 months max to get to market however the ongoing development to create everything that is envisioned will be substantial.

Our desire is to find someone who can get us off the ground and running by themselves and then transition into a leadership role leading the team of developers that would be necessary as we grow.

Being that we don’t have anything other than a domain you would have immense freedom in the tools you were looking to use however we are strict on using Laravel and everything that entails.

About Good Land, LLC

This is a brand new concept leveraging technology to create thriving local communities. Covid has shown how isolated we are and all initial indicators show things are not good in the hood.

At our current stage of the business (we have a vision and money) the experience of the founders is what you should be concerned about most. Can we actually turn what you build into a profit producing business… YES!

One of our founders is a well connected and rising youtube personality, with extensive sales and marketing experience. Our other founder previously built, grew and sold a software platform.

This is an amazing opportunity for a talented developer/software engineer!



Nice to Haves:


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