Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my child make-up a session in case of a National Holiday?

No make-up sessions will be offered for National Holidays. These include: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day.

Can I have my child make-up a session in case of a snow day?

In the event that snow or inclement weather causes a session to be cancelled, the missed session will be stored in your student’s account and will be available to be used in the week leading up to a test or an SOL.  You may also accrue Make-up sessions in your student’s account and when enough have accumulated, use them for a free month of tutoring.  

What is Cauhoi Tutors’ Cancellation Policy?

Cauhoi tutors uses a subscription pricing model, which means that you will pay set amount each month, up-front, for a plan of tutoring hours regardless of missed sessions. Please let us know at least 48 hours in advance if your children will miss a session and we'll make sure to schedule a makeup session for them in the following weeks. (Students enrolled in the 8 sessions per month plan are limited to two cancellations a month. Students enrolled in the 4 sessions per month plan are limited to one cancellation a month)

Any No-Shows will not be considered cancellation notice and you will be charged for the session. There is no makeup for No-Show or last minnute cancellation (less than 24hrs notice). If Cauhoi Tutors cancels your session (due to bad weather, sick tutor) then you will get a “Session Credit Point”. A Session Credit Point is equivalent to one missed tutoring session.  The customer can then use the Session Credit Points in their account to schedule a test/SOL prep session for their student or, once enough credit has accumulated, a free month of tutoring. Terms & Conditions May Apply.

What if my child is sick and has to cancel the session last minute? Can I reschedule?

There is no makeup for last minute cancellation (less than 24hrs notice) because our policy requires 48hrs notice. However, we recognize that in some case advanced notice is not possible due to family emergency or illness. If your child is sick, please attempt to call our main office as soon as you can so that we can try to see if makeup is possible **

**Limit of 1 Emergency/Sick day cancellation per month.

Reminder: Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours of notice are considered Late/Emergency Cancellations.

What if I’m signed up for a subscription plan, but my child is coming with us on vacation?

If you are going on vacation please let us know at least 2 weeks ahead of time. Any missed sessions will be stored in your student’s account to either be used in the week leading up to a test or SOL or, once enough make-up sessions have accumulated, for a free month of tutoring.  In the event that your student does not return to tutoring after vacation, the make-up sessions will remain in the account.  Should your student return to tutoring those make-up sessions can be reinstated (subject to a reinstatement fee).

How do I cancel a tutoring session?

Cauhoi Tutors relies on the punctuality and consistency of our students in order to continue to provide academic resources. To cancel a tutoring session, call/text our office number – 703-828-5193. If no one answers, please leave your cancellation notice through our voice messaging system. Parents, not students, must call to cancel with 48 hours notice or you will be charged for the session. The missed sessions must be makeup the following week and should not carry over to next month

Will I be able to reschedule or makeup for cancelled tutoring sessions?

There is no make up session for last min cancellation (less than 24hr notice) or No-Show. If you cancel a tutoring session in advance (48hrs notice), then the missed sessions can be makeup the following week. There is a limit of 2 cancellations a month.

What if I have two children in tutoring but only one can make it to their session?

Tutoring hours are pre-paid for. If a family has more than one child in tutoring and only one can make it, the child who does attend tutoring will be using pre-paid hours from the families account. Thus when only one student attends tutoring the family account is charged as normal and there will be no missed credit hours accrued on the account.  

What is the process to cancel Cauhoi Tutors’ Service?

Any cancellation of tutoring service must be given at least 3 weeks in advance in writing OR by calling to our Office 703-828-5193.  If there is no notice, then the account remains open. TUITION, ONCE PAID, IS NOT REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERABLE.

Due to the proprietary nature of our materials, our limited class size, the scheduling/booking costs of our instructors, and our own administrative costs, we are not able to provide refunds to students for any reason. This applies both to deposits and any other payments for all courses, private tutoring, workshops, product sales, and other purchases. Please note that refunds are not issued for missed class sessions, course withdrawals, or unused private tutoring hours. If Parents cancel our service at the last minute, then we will charge a $150 cancellation fee.

My child needs to change their schedule. What is the procedure for this?

Any requested changes to the tutoring schedule permanently should be made 2 weeks in advance and reviewed by the Company Manager. Parents, not students, must request all changes. This allows us to better work out a schedule with our tutors. Failure to give two weeks notice will result in adherence to the regular schedule for the current week with any changes to the schedule applied the following week. Last min schedule changes might result in a fee $50 because we have to fix the schedule and move tutor around for any schedule changes. This applies to in-home as well.

What if my payment is late?

Tutoring is ceased until payment is made. A $25 late fee will be charged if payment is not received in our office by due date. There is a $50 fee for any NSF or other returns

What if I’m not happy with the tutor?

Our goal is to make sure that your children get results from our service. Our reputation is very important to us, therefore, if you are not happy with our tutors or services for any reason please feel free to contact us by email or call 703-828-5193.

What if I sign-up Mid-month for tutoring services?

For parents who pay via monthly check, tuition is prorated for the first month according to the day of the month enrolled.  For parents paying for tutoring services via debit/credit, a full month’s tuition is charged on the day of the students first tutoring session and subsequently charged monthly on the same day.  Example: Mary signs up for tutoring services on the 17th of April.  Her card is charged on the 19th of April for a month’s worth of tutoring services when her son has his first session.  On May 19th, Mary’s card will be charged again for the following month’s worth of tutoring services.  

Can I request a specific tutor to teach my child?

Homework help program: we tried to keep same tutor for your child but we can’t guarantee same tutor.  We understand that you child might prefer one tutor than the other but if you sign up for group tutoring there will be no guantee the same tutor. Rest assured that the quality of our tutoring service should be the same regardless of the tutors.

In-home & one-on-one tutoring: Yes you can request a specific tutor BUT if there is schedule conflict and the tutor is not available to teach anymore, we must find a substitute

Can I talk with the tutor after class?

Parents should wait outside classroom because our classroom is busy and hectic. If you have questions you can schedule an appointment with classroom manager.