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Administration Office

Phone:   (707) 747-8325                                       Fax:        (707) 745-6769


Principal                                                                             Brianna Kleinschmidt                          

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager              Kim Feiglstok

Vice Principal (A-F)                                                    Kathrine Cole

Administrative Assistant                                             Rebecca Dart

Vice Principal (G-O)                                                   Sean Thompson

Administrative Assistant                                             JoLynn Peterson

Vice Principal (P-Z)                                                    Dwight Rogers

Administrative Assistant                                             Deborah Carlsen


Phone:   (707) 747-8334                               Fax:   (707) 748-2728

Counselor - Class of 2023 (9th)                         Megan Guenther                  

Counselor - Class of 2022 (10th)                       Justin Keppel

Counselor - Class of 2021 (11th)                         Kathleen Wallace

Counselor - Class of 2020 (12th)                       Jodi Smith

College & Career Center                                       Gina Marwick

Administrative Assistant to Counselors       Michele Koutnik        

Registrar                                                                     Jane Uggla


Phone:   (707) 748-2759                                  Fax:   (707) 745-6769

Accounting Technician                                           Janelle Sapp

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District programs, activities, and practices shall be free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying against an individual or group based on race, color, ancestry, nationality, national origin, immigration status, ethnic group identification, ethnicity, age, religion, marital status, pregnancy, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or related recovery, parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, or genetic information; a perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

The Title IX coordinator for BUSD is the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Khushwinder Gill.  She can be reached at 707-747-8300 or by emailing


ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY  - The Benicia High School staff and the Benicia Unified School District School Board encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities while maintaining good scholastic habits. Extracurricular activities help students learn the values of leadership, sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork, and thus help them become better citizens. Academic eligibility covers the following activities: athletics, dances, band, Prom, drama and dance productions and Senior Class activities. The review periods for eligibility are: 1st quarter, 1st semester, 3rd quarter and 2nd semester.  

Probation - Students participating in extracurricular activities must earn a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. Students who fall below a 2.0 GPA are placed on probation.  Students on academic probation have one quarter to meet the minimum grade point requirement for participation in extracurricular activities.  Students on probation may still participate in extracurricular activities.

NOTE: Students who do not pass a minimum of four classes (20 credits) at any given time will automatically advance to Ineligible status, regardless of overall GPA.  There is no probationary period for this violation.

Ineligible - If a student was placed on probation during the previous review period and they again earn below a 2.0 GPA or do not pass four classes (20 credits) in the next grading period, they will be placed on the academic “Ineligible” list. Students who do not pass four classes (20 credits) at any given time will automatically advance to Ineligible status, regardless of overall GPA.  There is no probationary period for this violation.

Students on the “Ineligible” list cannot participate in extracurricular activities for the rest of that quarter.  Ineligibility will be reinstated at the review period if the student’s GPA reaches a 2.0 or above and they passed a minimum of four classes (20 credits).

Incoming Freshman & Transfer Student Eligibility – As of the first day of school, all incoming freshmen begin with academic eligibility and are welcome to participate in extracurricular activities. The eligibility of any transfer student will be based on their most recent grade report.  Transferring from one school to another may affect athletic eligibility under North Coast Section, CIF and/or State CIF rules.  Please contact BHS Athletic Director Craig Holden for information regarding this rule at (707) 747-8325.

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) standard for athletic eligibility states that a student must pass four classes and maintain a 2.0 grade point average.  Therefore, a student who fails three or more classes of a six period schedule at the quarter or semester is ineligible to participate and has no probationary period.  

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY - Academic dishonesty is using a person’s work, concepts, designs, data, ideas, research, or documentation without giving proper credit to the source.  It goes beyond plagiarism to also include lying, cheating, copying, using or providing unauthorized materials in preparation for an exam/test, or using or providing unauthorized materials during an exam/test/quiz, and other acts, such as theft or falsification of records and files. Academic dishonesty also includes the photographing or recording of any school materials without approval of the teacher or an administrator, including possession or sharing of these materials. The district considers violations of this nature to be serious offenses that have the following consequences:

First Offense ​– The student will receive an “F” grade/zero credit on the assignment, exam, test or quiz based on the teacher’s grading system. Parents will be contacted for a meeting and four detentions will be issued.

Second Offense ​– The student will receive an “F” grade/zero credit on the assignment, exam, test or quiz based on the teacher’s grading system. There will a drop of one letter grade for the semester.  Four detentions will be issued and parents will be contacted.  


Third Offense ​– The student will receive an “F” grade/zero credit on the assignment, exam, test or quiz based on the teacher’s grading system. The student will be dropped from the class for the semester and will receive an F as their semester grade.  Four detentions will be issued.

ASSESSMENTS - Benicia High School provides a range of required and recommended assessments for students for best college and career preparation. Several departments administer benchmark assessments three or more times throughout the year to measure student progress on academic standards and skills. Individual courses/teachers use a range of formative and summative assessments throughout the school year and assign grades based on student performance.  For students in Advanced Placement courses, AP exams are administered the first two weeks of May, with exam registration in February/March.
9th Grade: All 9th grade students complete a Math Placement assessment within the first thirty days of the school year to confirm appropriate placement.  
10th Grade: During the 10th grade year, all students are provided the opportunity to take the PSAT10 at no cost to the student (funded by the Benicia Education Foundation). The PSAT10 is a practice SAT exam appropriate for 10th grade students.
11th grade: Students take the California Science Test (CAST) and the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). The PSAT11/National Merit Scholar Qualifying Test is provided to interested students in the fall. Students are encouraged to take the SAT and/or ACT during the spring as well.
12th grade: Students are encouraged to take the SAT, ACT, and/or ASVAB. Students may take the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) on selected years.
ATHLETIC INFORMATION - Benicia High School offers a variety of athletic team choices for students.  Students must be academically eligible to practice and compete on any athletic team.  (See Academic Eligibility.)  Benicia High School is a member of the North Coast Section.  Benicia has active teams in the following sports:                        





Girls & Boys Basketball        


Girls & Boys Cross Country

Girls & Boys Wrestling


Girls & Boys Water Polo

Girls & Boys Soccer

Boys Tennis

Girls Golf        


Girls & Boys Swimming

Girls Tennis        

Girls & Boys Track and Field

Girls Volleyball        

Boys Golf


Girls & Boys Badminton

Boys Volleyball

Athletic Registration - All BHS student-athletes must register for athletics prior to the season of the sport in which they wish to participate.  All BHS athletic registration is done online and can be accessed under the  Athletics page of the Benicia High School website.  Students may not try out for a sport until they have completed the online registration process.

NCAA College Sports Eligibility - Students who wish to participate in Division I/Division II college athletics are required to apply to the NCAA Clearinghouse online at The NCAA Clearinghouse issues a preliminary certification report after applications are submitted.  After graduation, the Clearinghouse reviews final transcripts and makes a final certification decision according to NCAA standards.

ATTENDANCE - Students attendance is positively linked to academic success and social-emotional wellbeing. Students are expected to be in class on time and attend all classes daily.  The only valid excused absences are: illness, medical/dental/therapy appointments, death in the immediate family, absence/quarantine exclusion directed by a health officer, and jury duty.  Vacations are not excused. All absences must be cleared with a written note or a telephone call to the attendance office within 72 hours.


Students leaving campus or returning to campus must check in and check out through the Main Office with their respective attendance/administrative assistant.  Students who cut class, leave campus without permission, have unverified absence(s), or accrue excessive tardies will be assigned detention(s) or other consequences.  Failure to serve assigned detentions may result in progressive discipline. The attendance office phone number is 747-8325.

BULLYING/CYBERBULLYING/HARASSMENT  -  Bullying, in any form, is never acceptable.  Benicia Unified School District board policy 5131.2 defines bullying as, “through physical, written, verbal, or other means, harass, sexually harass, threaten, intimidate, cyberbully, cause bodily injury to, or commit hate violence against any other student or school personnel.”  

When bullying or harassment occurs on campus, students should report the incident(s) to their counselor or an administrator.  Students reserve the right to remain anonymous when making reports. All reports will be handled promptly while still respecting the wishes of the victim.  Due to the delicate nature of bullying, we will handle all situations on an individual basis.  Consequences for such behavior are confidential, progressive, and determined based on factual information.  The School Resource Officer/Benicia Police Department may be contacted and involved as part of the investigation in incidents of bullying and cyberbullying. Any student who engages in bullying or cyberbullying, whether on school property or off campus, in a manner that causes or might cause a disruption to a school activity or school attendance, shall be subject to discipline, which may include suspension or expulsion.

CELL PHONE USE   -  With the implementation of 1:1 Chromebooks for all students, we are updating our cell phone policy.  Going forward, there is to be no cell phone use during class time, in classrooms and outside of classrooms (bathroom breaks, walking in hallways).  Cell phones may only be seen or used before or after school, during passing period, snack and lunch.  If a student has an emergency, please send them to A103 with Ms. Weiss and contact her to let her know the student is coming so she can work with the student as needed.  If a family has an emergency and wants to contact their student during class time, they are to call the main office and we will make contact with the student to assist the family. Our goal with the change in cell phone policy is to minimize disruptions, cheating, and other negative aspects of cell phone use during class time. In the event a student continues to defy a teacher direction to put the device away the following consequence will be issued:


First Offense - The device will be held in the Administration office until the end of the school day. The student will be issued a detention. Students may pick up their device at the end of the school day.

Second Offense - The device will remain in the main office until the end of the school day.  The student will be issued a detention. A parent will be contacted for device pick up.

Third Offense - The device will remain in the main office for the remainder of the week. The student will serve an on-campus suspension.  Device may only be picked up by a parent.


We request your full cooperation with our rules regarding cell phones. In the event of an immediate emergency, please call the Main Office at 747-8325.  Benicia High School nor Benicia Unified School District are not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or broken cell phones.

CLUBS - Students have the opportunity to charter and run student clubs each year. Clubs are organized and overseen by the Activities Director and Club Commissioner, through the Student Leadership Program. Each club must have a staff adviser and hold monthly meetings, with meeting minutes. There are currently 25+ student clubs with over 1,000 students participating.

COMMON PLANNING TIME (CPT) - BHS incorporates Common Planning Time (CPT) into the bell schedule. There are ten CPT days during the school year, held on Fridays. Students are dismissed at 2:00 pm on CPT days.

DISCIPLINE  - There are multiple levels of discipline based on the severity of the offense and on the principle of progressive discipline.  Students who are disruptive or defiant will be escorted by a campus supervisor to Room A-103, which is referred to as the Student Supervision Room.  While in A-103, students are to surrender their cell phone and use the time to do school work or read.  They may not talk, use their phone, or sleep.  Students who refuse to go with the campus supervisor will have further consequences for defiance.  

Teachers have the right to assign either a lunch or after school detention for certain infractions they feel are disruptive or detrimental to student progress such as: not doing homework, putting their head down, not having materials, etc.  In the case of more severe  behavior, a referral may be written and forwarded to administration.  The administration reserves the right to use their discretion when assigning consequences for breaking school rules.  It is always the student’s responsibility to acquaint themselves with school rules.  All students are asked to read the Discipline Grid, which is available on the Benicia High School website.  

DRESS CODE  - The expression of a student’s uniqueness and individuality by means of dress is sanctioned as being consistent with stated purposes of the school. It is recognized that the school and the parents share a responsibility for teaching students the appropriateness of dress. Any clothing or accessories that are deemed inappropriate for an educational environment are prohibited in order to provide a college and career preparatory environment. As it is the belief of Benicia High School that appropriate student attire is important, the following rules will be enforced during school hours, after school while on campus, and during school sponsored events:


First Offense  - The item not following the dress code violation will be confiscated, the student will change into other clothing, and the item will be returned at the end of the day.  A parent will be notified.

Second Offense - Results in the item being confiscated, the student will change into other clothing, the item returned at the end of the day, and after school detention.  A parent will be notified.

Third Offense  - Results in suspension, as well as the item being confiscated, the student will change into other clothing, and the item returned to the parent or guardian.  A parent will be notified.

FOOD SERVICES -   Benicia Unified School District is proud to offer breakfast, snack, and lunch services with multiple entree choices, including vegetarian and vegan options. School meals meet requirements established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Free and reduced meals are available for students/families who qualify. We encourage families to submit an application each school year. The application is available at the Benicia High website,  under  Our School, Food & Nutrition Services.  Families can set up an account with Food Services for automatic payment of school meals using the MySchoolBucks system.

Benicia High School prohibits the delivery of outside food or drink on campus between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm.  We ask all students to either bring their own prepared food or purchase meals from Food Services.

HOMEWORK - Students may be assigned homework and assignments/projects to complete outside of the class period, or be expected to complete classwork at home that was not completed during the time provided during class. Access Period is a time provided to students within the bell schedule twice a week for students to complete homework or otherwise access academic support, help from teachers, and work with other students on projects. Homework policies are set by the BUSD Governing Board and can be found at: 

LEADERSHIP - Leadership is a required course for elected student body officers, class officers, and appointed officers.  This class provides a forum for student body and committee meetings and for the planning of all school activities that take place during the school year. Students enrolled in Leadership are ASB/Officers who are elected by their peers or appointed after an interview process.  Students coming in as freshmen may apply in the fall to the activity director. After an interview, students will be selected for freshman class officer positions. Leadership requires forty hours of community service per semester.

LIBRARY  -  The school library is open from 7:45 am - 4:00 pm every day except on CPT Fridays when the library closes at 3:00 pm.  Textbook check-out and return is facilitated with the Library/Textbook Manager.

LOCKER USE  -  Lockers may be issued for temporary storage of books and personal items, pending availability.  It is suggested that students take books and valuable items home at night and on weekends.  All items placed in lockers are the responsibility of the student and not that of BHS.  Should theft or vandalism occur, students will be fined for any damaged, destroyed or lost books. All lockers must be emptied before the last day of school and textbooks returned.  Belongings left in lockers at the end of the school year will be donated to charity.  8th grader students can request a locker by completing the request form available under the Parent tab on the BMS website. Newly enrolled students can request a locker in the Counseling office.

POWER SCHOOL  - All grades are reported online through our grading and information system, PowerSchool. Parents and students are issued separate account usernames and passwords and can log on at  PowerSchool provides access to  check course grades, assignments, and attendance.  If students or parents need login information, please contact the BHS Counseling Department or the Main Office for assistance.  Parents should check Power School frequently or set up automatic alerts to help monitor student progress at BHS.  Usernames and passwords should not be shared with anyone.  Usernames and passwords do not automatically change from year to year,  continue to use current username and password. Newly enrolled students will be given PowerSchool login information upon registration.

SOCIAL PROBATION  -  Students who are suspended, have chronic tardiness, or unexcused absences may be placed on social probation.  If placed on social probation, the student may not participate in any extracurricular activities or attend any outside school events such as dances, athletic events, field trips, or performing arts events. The number of days of assigned social probation will be determined based on the level of the infraction and previous attempts by BHS staff to address the behavior as part of progressive discipline measures.    

STUDENT I.D. CARDS/ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY  - Students are to carry their school I.D. cards with them at all times. It is also recommended that students take and keep a picture of their I.D. cards with their cell phones as a backup copy. All incoming students, including students enrolled mid-year, receive an initial I.D. card at no cost.  Eighth grade students have their picture taken in the spring for pick up at BHS in the fall.  Students are encouraged to purchase an ASB (Associated Student Body) Card. This card serves as an I.D. and provides students with free entry into all BHS sporting events for free and reduced ticket prices for dances and other school events. Proceeds from the purchase of ASB Cards go toward individual class accounts, athletics, and the associated student body.


STUDENT SUPPORT RESOURCES  -  BUSD provides a range of support services and resources for students based on individual needs. Students and parents can talk with their Counselor or Vice Principal to discuss resources such as Sources of Strength, the Mentor Program, New Pathways Counseling, and BUSD Mental Health services.

TARDY POLICY - Students arriving to campus late are to report straight to class. If a student receives five tardies within one semester, a lunch detention will be assigned.  If tardies do not improve, the amount of detentions increases proportionally. Students are expected to serve their detentions in a timely manner and will receive reminders, as needed. Students who do not serve their detentions may receive progressive discipline, such as social probation or suspension.

VALEDICTORIAN/SALUTATORIAN  -  Benicia High School recognizes academic achievement of our students with the honor of Valedictorian and Salutatorian for each graduating class. The Valedictorian is the student, or students, with the highest cumulative grade point average for grades 9 through 12 who has met the criteria provided below. The salutatorian is the student, or students, with the second highest cumulative grade point average for grades 9 through 12, also meeting the criteria.

Students earning the distinction of Valedictorian or Salutatorian will receive some form of recognition during the Senior Awards Night and the graduation ceremony. Such recognition may take the form of being a student speaker, leading the pledge to the flag, standing and being introduced by the principal, or other means as determined by administration.


Where do I go if I don’t feel well?                                                  Main Office

Where do I go to pay for things or buy school spirit wear?                                Finance Office

Where do I go if I lost or found something?                                        Main Office

Where do I go if I need to leave campus for an appointment?                Main Office

How do I find out more about any upcoming events at BHS?                Newsletter/Daily Bulletin/Website

Who can I talk to if someone is bothering me?                                Administrator/Counselor

Benicia High School provides guidelines to best support the academic and socio-emotional learning of all students. BHS adheres to all Benicia Unified School District Board policies, which can be located at:




2 years

20 Credits


World Civilization (1 year)

United States History (1 year)

Government and Economics (1 year)

3 years

30 Credits


4 years

40 Credits


NGSS Physics (1 year)

NGSS Biology (1 year)

2 years

20 Credits


(One year must be Integrated Math I)

2 years

20 Credits


1 year

10 Credits


1 Semester

5 Credits



75 Credits


Course requirements for high school graduation must be taken at the comprehensive high school unless an alternative education plan has been approved by the counselor and administrator.






Required (Rec) Years



HISTORY/SOCIAL STUDIES  –  Two years that includes one year of world history, cultures, and historical geography AND one year of U.S. History or one-half year of U.S. History and one-half year of Civics or U.S. Government




ENGLISH  –  Four years of college preparatory English that includes frequent and regular writing, and reading of classic and modern literature.




MATH – Three years that includes Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1, Geometry or Integrated Math 2, Algebra 2 or Integrated Math 3. More advanced concepts such as pre-calculus, calculus and math analysis are desirable.  The UC system recommends four years of math.

3 (4)



LAB SCIENCE – Two years of laboratory science providing fundamental knowledge in at least two of these three disciplines: biology, chemistry, and physics.  The UC system recommends three years of science.

2 (3)



LANGUAGE – Two years of the same language other than English.   The UC system recommends three years of language

2 (3)


VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS – One year, including dance, drama, theater, music or visual art



COLLEGE PREP ELECTIVE – One year (two semesters), chosen from the A-F categories or courses that have been approved solely for use as “G” electives



High School Graduation & College Eligibility Requirements (a-g)

NOTE:    The pattern below represents one way to complete college eligibility requirements.  Individual plans may vary. Classes in all capital letters are required for high school graduation.  Parenthesis indicates selected courses taken beyond the minimum required by the UC/CSU college applicant.



Req Yrs H.S. Diploma

Req   H.S Credit

Req Yrs College


































d.Lab Science










e.World Lang***









f. Fine Arts***







g. Elective






Physical Ed




P.E. 1

P.E. 2, Dance, Yoga,WT



Get Focused ****









College Tests







PSAT11/NMSQT (Optional), ACT w/writing or SAT

ACT w/writing or SAT

* Math: Minimum H.S. Graduation Requirement: Integrated Math 1

  Minimum College Entrance Math Requirement: Integrated Math 3

**Gov/Economics: Required for high school graduation and satisfies the UC “g” elective requirement.

***Students need to take one year of World Lang or Fine Arts for high school graduation.  A fine art requirement can be fulfilled during any of your 4 years.

****Get Focused, Stay Focused is a required semester course for 9th grade students.

Required Area

High School Graduation

College Eligibility

1. Coursework

220 credits minimum;

240 credits is standard

15 year-long “a-g” courses total minimum.  Selective colleges often look for more rigorous courses, such as Honors or AP, and beyond the minimum requirement/recommendation.

2. Minimum Grade

“D” or Higher, some classes require a “C” or better to continue path

“C” or higher.  Selective colleges will look for the best grades.

3.  GPA

No requirement

UC 3.0 or higher, CSU 2.0 or higher

4.   College Entrance Exams


PSAT in Oct of 11th grade  year (optional), SAT or ACT w/writing


Benicia High School offers a comprehensive counseling and guidance program that concentrates on the total growth of the student.  Working on a one-on-one basis, in small groups or through classroom presentations, the BHS counselors offer support in the areas of program planning, college and career guidance, and school-to-work preparation. Benicia High School counselors are also available for students with personal issues.  For more information, contact the Benicia High School Counseling Office at 747-8334.

ACADEMIC HONORS - Students are placed on the Honor Roll if they achieve a 3.0 or higher grade point average (GPA), Principal’s Honor Roll if their GPA is 3.5 or higher, and on the Principal’s Scholar Honor Roll if they achieve a 4.0 or higher GPA.  In order to be placed on the honor roll, students must be enrolled in at least four classes (20 credits) in which A through F letter grades are assigned. Students’ grade point averages are determined by using the following scale:         

Weighted:  A=5; B=4; C=3; D=1; F=0                          Non-Weighted: A=3, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0

Students enrolled in specific honors courses and any Advanced Placement (AP) course, as noted on the University of California course list, earn weighted grade points.  

ACADEMIC SUPPORT - Benicia High School offers several resources and opportunities for academic support for all students:

CLASS CHANGES  - Students receive their class schedule prior to the first day or school or on the day of their enrollment and are expected to stay in assigned courses for the entire year.  Schedule changes are not permitted unless there is an error in the schedule, a missing class needed to meet graduation requirements, level adjustment, completion of summer school courses, or balancing of classes due to teacher contract limits.   Teacher change requests will not be granted. Change requests to Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses will not be approved as all students and parents/guardians sign AP Contracts prior to being enrolled in courses.

FALL REGISTRATION PROCESS - Benicia Unified School District provides an online registration process for all enrolled students. Information is available on the BUSD website and is sent out to all families via email. Registration must be completed prior to the first day of school.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENT COURSES - BUSD graduation requirements should be taken at a BUSD school site, as part of the traditional school year or during summer school for credit recovery, unless an alternative education plan has been approved by the counselor and administrator. Students and parents seeking to take courses outside of Benicia High School to be included on the BHS transcript shall meet with their counselor prior to registering for the course(s) to discuss the student’s education plan and complete any needed forms.

GRADUATION CEREMONY  - In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, students must meet all BUSD course and credit requirements and be in good standing with regard to attendance and school discipline. The ceremony is not mandatory and diplomas may be issued without participation in the ceremony.  If students wish to participate in the ceremony, they must display appropriate behavior, good attendance, and have cleared any school fines.  This is an important, formal ceremony that is special to the senior class and their families.  For more information, please review the Senior Class Memorandum of Understanding (Class of 2020).

PHYSICAL EDUCATION  -  All students must complete 20 credits of Physical Education.  Students who have full semester medical waivers must complete the requirement at Benicia High School prior to graduation unless medical waivers continue to be in place through the end of the senior year.  Only students who fail Physical Education may recover the credits at summer school.  Students can buy PE clothes prior to the start of the school year online and pick up purchased PE clothes during the first week of class.  Students must have their receipt present to receive the purchased clothing items.  

PROGRESS REPORTS AND REPORT CARDS  -  All progress reports and report cards are available online, via PowerSchool. BHS does not mail home report cards.

REDUCED SCHOOL DAY - All students must have a full schedule of six or more classes in their school schedule.  Students are not allowed a reduced course schedule, with the exception of 12th grade students concurrently enrolled in a community college course during both fall and spring semesters or students with accommodations in their Individualized Education Plans.

This policy is supported by the requirements of Assembly Bill 1012, a state law that went into effect fall of 2016. When considering and selecting courses, take time to consider educational and career goals in order to make the best use of time at Benicia High School.

TRANSCRIPTS  - Transcripts are available in the Counseling Office during regular business hours. There is a $1.00 charge for each unofficial transcript and a $5.00 charge for each official transcript.  You can also order a transcript by going to:

University of California (UC) & California State University (CSU) Requirements ~ ~

A student applying for admission as a freshman to the University of California must complete a minimum of 15 courses of college-preparatory high school work during grades 9 through 12.  At least 7 of the 15 courses must be completed during the last two years of high school.  These must be completed with grades of “C” or better. To be eligible for UC or CSU as a freshman, a student must meet all of the subject, scholarship, and examination requirements as listed below.  Achieving eligibility does not guarantee admission to a particular campus.  The following are minimum subject requirements:  

a. History/Social Science:  2 years required, 3 years recommended. One year of U.S. History or one-half year of U.S. History and one-half year of Civics or American Government; and one year of World History, Cultures or Geography.

b. English:  4 years required of college preparatory English in a grade 9-12 sequence.

c. Mathematics: 3 years required; 4 years recommended for UC.  Integrated Math 1, Geometry or Integrated Math 2, Algebra 2 or Integrated Math 3.  Mathematics courses taken in grades 7 and 8 may be used to meet part of this requirement if they are accepted by the high school as equivalent to their own courses.

d. Laboratory Sciences: 2 years required; 3 years recommended for UC. NGSS Physics and NGSS Biology (taken in 9th and 10th grade and required to graduate) satisfy the two-year requirement.

e. Foreign Language:  2 years required; 3 years recommended for UC.  Courses must be in the same language.

f. Visual and Performing Arts: 1 year.  Courses fulfilling this requirement are listed under the ‘f’ requirement on the University of California Course List.

g. College Preparatory Electives: 1 year.  All courses listed under ‘g’ on the University of California course list meet this elective requirement.  In addition, all courses listed under ‘a-f’ on the University of California course list meet this requirement except for math classes that  are marked with (*).

Scholarship Requirements:

Weighted Grading:

A=5 points; B=4 points; C=3 points

Other Requirements:

Independent/Private Colleges and Universities   -  or go directly to college site

Independent or private universities and colleges have admission requirements that vary greatly. Information regarding programs offered and admission requirement can be found on their websites.  While tuition may be higher at a private college, many school offer financial aid and scholarships.

Community College  -

Community Colleges offer a wide range of lower division courses for students who plan to transfer to four-year institutions as well as a variety of one-to-two year occupational programs to prepare students for employment upon completion of training.  Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees as well as certificates are awarded upon successful completion of one-to-two years of prescribed study. For admission purposes, community colleges require students to be age 18, have a high school diploma, or have passed the CHSPE.  In addition, they must be able to profit from instruction.  In most cases applicants are required to take placement tests in English and math.  Contact the community colleges for details.

College Entry Exams and Tests for College Credit

PSAT/NMSQT  ~  The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is a standardized test administered by the College Board.  This test is offered in October at Benicia High School to juniors. Students whose scores are exceptionally high may qualify as a National Merit Scholar or National Merit Scholar Commended Student.

PSAT 10 ~ The PSAT 10 is a practice SAT exam specifically designed for sophomores.  This test is aligned to the SAT with similar question types and the same reading, writing and math sections but with questions that not as difficult as those on the actual SAT.  This test is available to all BHS sophomores every March.  There is no charge as this test is sponsored by our PTSA.

SAT I  -  The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is used by the University of California, the California State University system and most private schools as an admissions qualifier and a predictor of academic success in college.  There are three sub-tests: critical reading, mathematical reasoning and writing.  Scores range from 200-800 on each test.  The application packet, available in the counseling office, lists the dates and fees.  About five weeks before the test date, students must mail in the application with appropriate fees.  Students are encouraged to register online at or mail application at least 5 weeks before the exam.  

SAT II SUBJECT TESTS  -  Approximately 150 colleges nationwide require the Scholastic Aptitude Test II (SAT II).  A university or college requiring these tests looks for subject mastery.  Applications must be mailed in or register online at

ACT  -  The American College Test is preferred by certain colleges over the SAT I, but public colleges in California will accept the results from either the ACT or SAT I for entrance.  The ACT gives a score considered predictive of college achievement with sub-scores in English, math, reading, writing and science.  The test is given five times a year and the application, available in the counseling office, must be sent in with appropriate fees about a month in advance of the test date.  Registration can also be done online at and is encouraged by ACT.


Tests for College Credit - Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) courses provide a rigorous college level curriculum and prepare students for the AP exam in their particular course of study. Students are encouraged to register for and take the AP exams for their courses.  Most colleges and universities grant credit towards the baccalaureate degree for achieving a score of 3, 4, or 5 on Advanced Placement tests.  Scores of 3, 4, or 5 may also exempt students from placement exams in selected college departments and may allow students to advance to higher level courses.

AP Exams are administered at Benicia High School in the first two weeks of May, as scheduled by the College Board.  Registration materials are made available to students in February.



Benicia High School College and Career Center


Contact: Gina Marwick


(707) 748-2729

The Benicia High College & Career Center is located next to the Counseling Office, in room H-109.  The program provides college and career services and resources to students (and parents) at Benicia High School, Liberty High School, and Benicia Middle School.  

College & Career Center Hours: 7:45 am - 3:30 pm

Services provided include but are not limited to:  one-on-one college and career guidance and exploration,  student assessments, financial aid information, local scholarships/grants/loans information, student workshops (resume building, internship, interview skills, personal statement, scholarship, public speaking), college representative presentations, tech/vocational school information, military information (ASVAB exams), apprenticeship/internship opportunities, volunteer opportunities, part-time jobs, work  permits, parent/student college discussion meetings, annual BHS College and Career Fair (April), annual Financial Aid Night, annual BHS College Information Night (October), and annual BMS College and Career Fair (May).

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