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P. Wheeler

Establish the insulin assistance program

01/08/20 - to Health & Welfare (S)


S. Meredith

Require Medicaid MCOs to provide all payment schedules utilized to reimburse health care providers to the Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Committee and require that services provided in rural counties be reimbursed at least at the median amount paid to an urban health care provider within the nearest metropolitan statistical area

01/16/20 - to Health & Welfare (S)


S. Meredith

Limit the number of managed care organization (MCO) contracts to operate the Medicaid program to three.

01/16/20 - to Health & Welfare (S)


R. Thomas

Require health insurance policies to apply the fair market value of covered health care services received by a covered person at a no-cost or reduced-cost health facility to any deductible or out-of-pocket maximum owed by the covered person under the policy

01/13/20 - reassigned to Banking & Insurance (S)


S. Meredith

Prohibit the cabinet or a MCO from instituting copayments, cost sharing, or similar charges to be paid by any medical assistance recipients and prohibit copayments to be charged in the Kentucky Children`s Health Insurance Program.

01/08/20 - to Health & Welfare (S)


R. Alvarado

Prohibit non-compete agreements for certain health-care providers.

01/15/20 - to Judiciary (S)


A. Kerr

Mandated coverage for medically necessary fertility preservation services.

01/08/20 - to Banking & Insurance (S)


R. Alvarado

Regulating the sale of tobacco, alternative nicotine, and vapor products.

01/24/20 - received in House


J. Higdon

Require health benefit plan coverage of long-term antibiotic therapy for covered persons with Lyme disease

01/08/20 - to Banking & Insurance (S)


P. Wheeler

Cap the cost-sharing requirements for prescription insulin at $100 per 30-day supply

01/08/20 - to Banking & Insurance (S)


W. Westerfield

Prohibit certain practices by insurers in the negotiation and offer of provider contracts for health plans and MCOs

01/08/20 - to Banking & Insurance (S)


R. Mills

Omnibus changes to operations at CHFS

01/23/20 - to Health & Welfare (S)


P. Clark

Relating to the regulation of cannabis

01/24/20 - to Appropriations & Revenue (S)


S. Humphries

Relating to jail health care operations, to remove the prohibition that an entity that provides medical, dental, psychological, or pharmacy services to the Department of Corrections and local jails cannot also provide claims management or plan evaluation services.

01/23/20 - introduced in Senate



T. Buford

Direct the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to create a task force to study prescription drug transparency and affordability.

01/08/20 - to Health & Welfare (S)


J. Adams

Direct the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to establish the Task Force on Services for Persons with Brain Injuries; establish duties of the task force; establish members of the task force; require a report to the Legislative Research Commission by December 1, 2020; cease the task force by December 31, 2020, unless otherwise authorized by the General Assembly.

01/13/20 - to Health & Welfare (S)



D. Meade

Enact and enter into the Solemn Covenant of the States to Award Prizes for Curing Diseases Interstate Compact

01/16/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


R. Rothenburger

Establish the Medicaid ground ambulance service provider assessment; require ground ambulance service providers to pay a Medicaid ambulance service provider assessment quarterly

01/24/20 - posted in committee


D. Bentley

Establish a voluntary non-opioid directive form and require a practitioner to determine if a patient has filed a voluntary non-opioid directive through KASPER

01/07/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


D. Bentley

Amend KRS 304-17A.148 to cap the cost sharing requirements for prescription insulin at $100 per 30 day supply; EFFECTIVE January 1, 2021.

01/13/20 - posted in committee


P. Minter

Related to preexisting conditions and amends various health insurance statutory provisions

01/07/20 - to Banking & Insurance (H)


J. Miller

Impose an excise tax on vapor products and amend KRS 138.143 to impose a floor stock tax

01/14/20 - posted in committee


G. Brown Jr

Establish the rural hospital organization donation tax credit

01/07/20 - to Appropriations & Revenue (H)


D. Bentley

Require a practitioner to offer a prescription for naloxone or similar for the reversal of opioid depression when prescribing an opioid and delete reference to Schedule III controlled substances containing hydrocodone and to add issues that a practitioner is required to discuss with a patient prior to prescribing or dispensing a controlled substance to a patient

01/07/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


R. Wiederstein

Require Kentucky hospitals to annually survey employees regarding patient safety culture and practices with the results to be publicly reported on a Web site maintained by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

01/07/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


R. Wiederstein

Relating to community healthcare foundations by providing for the approval and oversight of not-for-profit hospital, health maintenance organization, and healthcare insurer conversions, and declaring an emergency.

01/07/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


R. Wiederstein

Require the commissioner of the Department of Insurance to establish an advisory committee to make recommendations regarding the creation of a Kentucky all-payer claims database

01/07/20 - to Banking & Insurance (H)


R. Wiederstein

Omnibus changes to Certificate of Need laws

01/07/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


Make non-compete provisions in physician and osteopath employment contracts void and unenforceable, except in limited circumstances when the contract is for the sale of a practice or for employment as a faculty member at a medical school.


C. Massey

Changes to the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure administrative hearings process and require random selection for teacher tribunals

01/24/20 - posted in committee


D. Osborne

$50 million loan for UofL to purchase Jewish Hospital

01/23/20 - floor amendments (2) and (3) filed to Committee Substitute , floor amendment (4-title) filed to bill


R. Rothenburger

Allow a fiscal court to levy a fee on certain units for the provision of emergency medical services; define units subject to fee; require fee to be placed on tax bill;

01/15/20 - posted in committee


W. Thomas

Enact and enter into the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact with all other jurisdictions that legally join the compact

01/07/20 - to Licensing, Occupations, & Admin Regs (H)


N. Kulkarni

Require that dental and optometric services provided to Medicaid recipients ages 21 and over be the same as those provided to eligible children ages 21 and under

01/07/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


D. Bentley

Amend KRS 202A.011 to expand the definition of qualified mental health professional to include a licensed pharmacist who is board certified as a psychiatric pharmacist.

01/07/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


K. Moser

Establish the amount of funds to be allocated to and used by local health departments for employment, services, and programs and establish new requirements of allowable fees

01/24/20 - posted in committee


S. Sheldon

Require the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure to promulgate administrative regulations relating the prescribing of controlled substances by physician assistants

01/22/20 - reassigned to Health and Family Services (H)


J. Nemes

Permit and regulate medicinal marijuana

01/14/20 - to Judiciary (H)


R. Wiederstein

Establish a low-volume surgery requirement and registry for hospitals and surgeons in the Commonwealth.

01/07/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


K. Moser

Establish the Kentucky Mental Health First Aid Training Program to be administered by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services

01/24/20 - received in Senate


B. Wheatley

Ban the sale, purchase, and distribution of flavored vapor products in the Commonwealth including online transactions

01/07/20 - to Judiciary (H)


C. Stevenson

Surprise billing proposal that requires payment at lesser of UCR or billed charges

01/07/20 - to Banking & Insurance (H)


C. Stevenson

Mandated benefit for health insurance and Medicaid for coverage for chronic pain treatments

01/09/20 - to Banking & Insurance (H)


D. Lewis

Require the pain management facility to report on pill counts to the electronic system for monitoring controlled substances

01/10/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


K. Moser

Establish an individual income tax credit for Kentucky-licensed physicians who, as voluntary preceptors, administer at least three core clinical rotations for certain medical students

01/10/20 - to Appropriations & Revenue (H)


K. Moser

Require vision testing for operator`s license renewal;

01/10/20 - to Transportation (H)


W. Thomas

Include selling or fitting of hearing instruments in the definition of the practice of audiology

01/10/20 - to Licensing, Occupations, & Admin Regs (H)


W. Thomas

Enact and enter into the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact

01/10/20 - to Licensing, Occupations, & Admin Regs (H)


D. Bentley

Prohibit manufacturers and wholesalers of off-patent or generic prescription drugs from engaging in unrestricted price increases

01/15/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


D. Bentley

Related to diabetes drugs: restricting cost sharing by insurers, requiring transparency by PBMs and manufacturers

01/21/20 - posted in committee


N. Tate

Require that a parent or legal guardian of an unemancipated minor be informed of an intent to withhold life-prolonging treatment before an order is instituted

01/21/20 - to Judiciary (H)


R. Webber

Relating to the prescriptive authority of advanced practice registered nurses.

01/22/20 - to Licensing, Occupations, & Admin Regs (H)


R. Wiederstein

Make non-compete provisions in advance practice nurse practitioner, physician, and osteopath employment contracts void and unenforceable

01/23/20 - introduced in House



R. Wiederstein

Urge the United States Congress to enact the Lower Health Care Costs Act.

01/07/20 - to Health and Family Services (H)


D. Bentley

Urge federal policymakers to expedite research regarding the safety and efficacy of the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

01/21/20 - posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Wednesday, January 22, 2020