6th Grade Newsletter (April 2019)

Dear 6th Grade Families,

Below you will get information about what your scholars are doing in each class and what events the whole grade can look forward to. Please enjoy!

Class to Class - What’s Being Learned in the 6th Grade Hallway

ELA - Ms. Yang - kyang@motthall2.org 

6R/6B - Ms. Nam - knam@motthall2.org 

Students will be presenting their poetry slam poems to start off April, and then we will be transitioning into our next unit: Research. Students will be reviewing the Notice & Note non-fiction signposts and building their knowledge through non-fiction articles and other texts.

Math - Ms. Tapada - etapada@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Alalouf - malalouf@motthall2.org 

We are currently studying Ratios & Proportions and we will soon begin to investigate where we can find these in the real world. During April we will explore inequalities and then begin our preparation for the Math State Test. The dates for the test will be May 1st and May 2nd.

Science - Ms. Acevedo - yacevedo@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Alalouf - malalouf@motthall2.org 

We have finalized Science Fair and are focusing on how human impacts our Earth. We are researching and discussing global warming. Next, we will be focusing on Ecosystems.

Social Studies - Ms. Breach - lbreach@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Nam - knam@motthall2.org 

We are beginning our unit on ancient Rome.  Students will learn how much of our culture and civilization is based on ancient Rome. We will be looking at how the Plebeians gained power.  Students will see how people in different classes gain and use power.   We will look at the contributions of the Ancient Romans and how this has contributed to our society today.  The unit will end with a close examination of the fall of the Roman Empire and how this lead to the Middle Ages.  

On the Calendar - Upcoming Events          

April 2 - ELA State Test Day 1

April 19-28 - Spring Break

April 3 - ELA State Test Day 2

April 29 - School Resumes

April 11- Spring Dance 6PM-8PM

May 1 - Math State Test Day 1

April 18 - Rapid Dismissal
After School Classes Cancelled

May 2 - Math State Test Day 2

Reminders & Suggestions

  • PupilPath logins have been sent home last month. Check your scholar’s PupilPath account for missing assignments and remind them to check regularly on their own. Missing assignments will be accepted up to ten (10) school days after they are due for partial credit. Math assignments will only be accepted the following day. Turning in missing work is much better than receiving a 0. If your scholar loses their password they can get it from Ms. Robbins.
  • Please make sure your child returns their signed progress report to their Advisory teacher
  • Scholars are required to bring in an independent reading book to school every day!  This is important! Scholars have reading after lunch multiple times a week. Reading Explorations is now a graded course - students will be receiving a grade based off preparedness, arriving on time, and being on task. They are usually required to read the independent reading book during this period.  Please have them come to school prepared and on time.                         


6th Grade Team (Acevedo, Alalouf, Breach, Nam, Tapada, Yang)