Remote Lab Setup Steps for Windows PCs

Note: These instructions are for the new Remote Desktop app, which you may need to download to your computer.

Icon for New Remote Desktop

Icon for Remote Desktop Connection
( shown in
 separate tutorial)

Installing Remote Desktop

  1. Visit the Microsoft Remote Desktop program page and click the “Get” button.
  2. When prompted choose “Open Microsoft Store”
  3. In the Microsoft Store click the “Install” button.
  4. When prompted to sign-in click the X to close the window.
  5. The application will download and install. Continue initial setup below.

Initial Setup

  1. Find the Remote Desktop program from your Start menu, desktop or taskbar

Remote Desktop icon on Start Menu

Remote Desktop icon on Desktop

Remote Desktop icon on Taskbar

  1. Click on the “+ Add” button, then “Remote resources”

  1. Type in “” (without quotes) in the feed URL. Click “Find feeds”

  1. Click the “+” icon to add your user account:

  1. Type in AD\username (but with your username)

Type in your Augsburg password. Click “Save”

  1. Select your user account from the “User account” field if not already selected, then click “Add feed”:

  1. To start your remote session Double-click either

  1. When you are done using Remote Desktop, click the Windows button, then the person icon, and choose “Sign Out”

Additional Remote Desktop Features and Tips

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