John Pule Art Reflection - Daniel


Success Criteria (I was able to :)

G = I was able to achieve this skill/concept

O = I was able to achieve some of this skill/concept but need to keep practising

R = I was not able to complete this skill/concept

Use traffic lights eg. G, O R


Use traffic lights eg. G, O R

(my assessment)

  • have at least 45 boxes in my art

  • Include the number 50 (for Elm Park Birthday celebrations) and my initials.

  • Make sure my patterns were clear and easily identifiable eg. pasifika, maori, asian etc (I did not just draw pictures because these are not patterns)

  • Mix my symbols and pattern boxes around so that my symbols stood out.

  • Use thin lines and thick lines on my John Pule Art

I really enjoyed drawing my symbols because it was challenging and fun to draw exactly inside the boxes and you couldn’t draw the same symbols and you had to do different ones for other boxes.

I found tricky the inking part because if you don’t be careful, you will smudge your artwork and you don’t want that to happen.

Next time I will try to improve my artwork. I can do that by making sure that I don’t smudge the ink by being more careful and turn my artwork paper around as I go to make sure I don’t smudge the ink while using the indian ink.