Food & Drink

At Peachtreat, no one leaves hungry or thirsty.

Drinks — available throughout the weekend.

Soft drinks will be in the bathroom of the game room:

Non-alcoholic drinks including

Adult beverage options in the beverage room including:

As well as a hot pot station in the bathroom of the beverage room:

Cold water provided by the hotel. If you are an enthusiastic consumer of water, please consider bringing a no-spill mug so you can refill from the hotel coolers.

Snacks — available throughout the weekend.

Friday dinner 18:30 — Trays from Publix. Possibly homemade soups.

Friday beer tasting 20:00 — ????

Friday chocolate orgy 21:30 — What is double Dutch chocolate and is it any good? Let’s find out! We shall indulge in a buffet of chocolatey goodness. Mensa in Georgia will provide a few basics. Our hospitality goddess, Jan, has graciously agreed to acquire the main courses again. Current list includes:

Saturday breakfast 07:00-10:00 — Hotel guests enjoy complimentary breakfast.

Last year Linda’s cafeteria lunch lady was a big hit. Linda has kindly agreed to an encore. She will provide either lunch or dinner (we haven’t decided which yet) matched to our “Double Trouble” theme. The other meal will be from a local ethnic restaurant.

Saturday lunch 12:00 — ????

Saturday wine tasting 14:00 — ????

Saturday crafting circle with tea and scones 16:00 — Makers can gather to show off their finished objects and works in progress.

Saturday dinner 18:00 — From local restaurant ????

Saturday mead tasting 19:00 — ????

Saturday sundae party 22:00 — We all scream for ice cream. If there is any leftover chocolate from Friday night, it might return for an encore. We plan to make a run to Daddy O’Brien’s as well as providing plain vanilla and chocolate.

Toppings and garnishes:

Sunday breakfast 07:00-10:00 — Hotel guests enjoy complimentary breakfast. See Saturday breakfast (above) for details.

Sunday toast to friends at the Eternal Gathering 10:00 — Enjoy non-alcoholic mimosas (orange juice + ginger ale) as we remember friends who made our group better.