Food & Drink

At Peachtreat, no one leaves hungry or thirsty.

Drinks — available throughout the weekend.

Soft drinks will be in room 102:

Non-alcoholic drinks including

Alcoholic options in room 104 including:

As well as a hot pot station in the bathroom of room 104:

Cold water provided by the hotel. If you are an enthusiastic consumer of water, please consider bringing a no-spill mug so you can refill from the hotel coolers. Plain cooler are located at the back of both ballrooms. If a ballroom cooler begins to get low, please let someone at the front desk know. There is also a water cooler at the hotel’s front desk.

Snacks — available throughout the weekend.

Friday dinner 18:30 — Trays from Publix. Possibly homemade soups.

Friday beer tasting 20:00 — ????

Friday chocolate orgy 21:30 — What is double Dutch chocolate and is it any good? Let’s find out! We shall indulge in a buffet of chocolatey goodness. Mensa in Georgia will provide a few basics. Current list includes:

Saturday breakfast 07:00-10:00 — Hotel guests enjoy complimentary breakfast.

Saturday lunch 12:00 — ????

Saturday wine tasting 14:00 — ????

Saturday crafting circle with tea and scones 16:00 — Makers can gather to show off their finished objects and works in progress.

Saturday dinner 18:00 — From local restaurant ????

Saturday mead tasting 19:00 — ????

Saturday sundae party 22:00 — We all scream for ice cream. If there is any leftover chocolate from Friday night, it might return for an encore.

Toppings and garnishes:

Sunday breakfast 07:00-10:00 — Hotel guests enjoy complimentary breakfast. See Saturday breakfast (above) for details.

Sunday toast to friends at the Eternal Gathering 10:00 — Enjoy non-alcoholic mimosas (orange juice + ginger ale) as we remember friends who made our group better.