Price List

If items are not in the box, please come to the house or call the farmer. Nick 908-268-3192

Updated December 2, 2019


10-egg carton - $6- environmentally-friendly carton made of potato starch. Carton will melt when wet

Individually - $0.50 Each - Bring your own container.


Bacon - Cured or Uncured (“Natural” Cure using celery extractive) $14.50

Sausage - Links $14.50, Loose $14.00

Smoked, Cured Ham - $12.00/lb

Ribs - $11.00/lb

Chops - $13.50/lb


Tenderloin - $20.00/lb

Kabobs - $13.50/lb

Ground Pork - $12.00/lb

Belly, Fresh- $13.50/lb

Odd Stuff

Whole/Halves - $6.50/lb + butcher cost - Whole hog cut and processed to your liking. Half hog cut and processed per our standard cut list. Delivery in March/April/May


Ground Mutton- $15.50/lb

Chops- $20/lb

Spare Ribs- $16.25/lb


Odd Stuff

Hides - $120 each - naturally tanned


Organs - $4/lb - mixed bags of liver, kidney, heart, lung, and testicle. Great for dogs! - 1 lb package

Heads and Necks - $4/lb - literally a bag of frozen heads and necks. Great for dogs or soup - 1 lb package


Heads - $10/lb - great dog meals, with fur and ears - about ½ lb each

Paws - 2/$1 - CRUNCHY! Unsalted, frozen

Livers - $10/lb - half pound packages, ready for pate recipes!

Dried Skin - 4pcs/$1 - sun-dried furry skin, sliced to strips, and frozen. Excellent “raw hide”

Rough Cut Lumber (sales tax applies, not included in price)  Variable width and thickness, lengths up to 10’

Dimensional Lumber

Live Edge Slabs

Candles + Soap (sales tax included in prices)

Candles - $5 - 100% beeswax, no additives

Soap, white - $5 - lard, tallow, and coconut oil with a hint of tea tree and lemon oil

Soap, brown- $5 - lard and pine tar with a hint of tea tree

You-Pick Poison ivy - $2/handful

Merch (sales tax included in prices)

Patch - $5 - 3" embroidered patch

Insulated tote bag - $8 - with patch attached

New Country Organic Animal Feed (sales tax included in prices)

Classic Soy free Layer - $34

Corn Free Layer - $34.50

We can order any NCO Products with advance notice.

Sold out

Goat - Back in Spring 2020

Whole Rabbit- Back in Late Spring 2020

Honey- Back in Fall 2020

Chicken- TBD

Meat Boxes

Here at BOTL Farm, we put meat in all sorts of places (mostly freezers). Our latest idea is to put meat into boxes (the meat will be frozen). For people who don’t have room for a whole hog, or when we’re in between batches of whole hogs, we can put together a meat box for you!

Due to variations in package sizes and availability, we cannot guarantee you will get exactly what’s on this list, but all boxes will meet the minimum box weight.

We offer several meat box options to choose from:

Half-Hog Box ●Min weight 50 lbs ● $625 ($50 savings)

Quarter-Hog Box ● Min weight 25 lbs ● $315 ($23 savings)

Have-you-seen-my-Grill Box ● Min weight 15 lbs ● $185 ($12 savings)

The Sampler Box: Pork and Lamb ● Min weight 22 lbs ● $290 ($19 savings)