Patient Service Representative

Westside Children’s Therapy

Chicago Suburbs, Illinois


Westside Children’s Therapy is a leading provider of pediatric therapy in Illinois. Westside's services include physical, occupational, speech, behavior, feeding, and neurofeedback therapy to children with developmental disabilities. Westside operates private therapy clinics in the suburbs of Chicago.

Westside has grown substantially in recent years - developing from a small family business into a mid-sized company. Growth has been steadily strong with the company expanding 40% year-over-year for the last 4 years. This has created an urgent need for new levels of business management, including this new Human Resource Specialist role.

Westside Core Values & Beliefs


1. RELATIONSHIPS - Westside believes in helping its patients families feel supported, so much that patients consider Westside an extended member of their family and the clinic a second home. 

2. TEAMWORK - Westside believes in the power of teamwork. We work together respectfully and refrain from actions that take away from becoming a more cohesive team. Our teams work together to provide the best possible, end-to-end experience. 


3. COMMUNICATION - Westside believes in continuous improvement through constructive feedback and open communication. We feel comfortable identifying opportunities for Westside to get better, and we communicate ideas with a positive, forward-thinking attitude. We always communicate professionally and proactively. 

4. GROWTH - Westside believes in growth both for employees as individuals and over the long term, of the organization. Without growth, we restrict the collective impact we can have on children in need. 

5. ATTITUDE - Westside believes in creating a "work hard, have fun"  culture where employees genuinely enjoy coming to work and being part of the Westside family. Each employee's attitude positively strengthens the culture. 


6. INITIATIVE - Westside values action and decisiveness over inaction. We neither let issues linger nor emptily complain. Instead, we develop solutions and act.  

7. EFFICIENCY - Westside does not exist to maximize profit, yet we must nonetheless be an efficient, productive, and profitable business, or else we limit our ability to achieve our purpose. 

Company Purpose

Westside Children's Therapy provides high quality pediatric therapy and fosters a family-centered environment.

Company Current Mission

Westside's current mission is to become the most respected and admired pediatric therapy company in the Chicagoland area. Amid growth,  Westside will remain vigilant in prioritizing our sole purpose of providing the highest quality pediatric therapy experience. 

Our Culture

Our culture is non-negotiable. We love it too much. If you are uncomfortable with anything we do, that’s okay. We might not be the best fit for you. But if you read this and jump with excitement, then let’s talk. This is who we are:

Patient Service Representative Position

Required Skills:

Patient Service Represenative Responsibilities

The Tangibles

• Handle all non-billing telephone calls

• Be responsible for therapist schedules in our electronic appointment system

• Be responsible for scheduling all new patient evaluations and basic benefit verification

• Handle all changes in scheduling of appointments

• Manage and keep organized all patient charts

• Keeps all patient information up to date and accurate

• Makes sure all patient forms are current

• Ensure that all referrals, scripts, and authorizations are current and valid

• Be responsible for making sure all evaluations and progress notes are faxed to the appropriate physician and returned timely

• Notify patients of cancellation concerns and applicable fees

• Collect co-pays and patient payments from patients in person

• Responsible for general upkeep of the office

• Responsible for making sure office supplies are stocked

Most importantly, though, the admin MUST have a welcoming, kid-friendly attitude that represents the spirit of a caring, pediatric therapy clinic.

The Intangibles


Competitive and commensurate with qualifications

Application Process

Please e-mail resumes to:

Human Resources

Additional company information may be found at