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Fifth Grade Newsletter No 24

February 12-16, 2018

Mrs. Svirida | (916) 331-7377 ext. 3191

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Dear Parents,

This week is the Jog-a-thon! I hope you have your pledges ready, please bring them Wednesday! We have several cool prizes given by our administration for children who raise  the most money. I am also giving some cool classroom prizes. Ask your student what they are. There will be a movie day for the classroom that raises the most money but we must have 100% participation! So please help us win!! The kids really want to win! Our Students will run after lunch at 1:10 if you want to come cheer them on or volunteer (if you are volunteering please tell Mrs. Barnett in the office).

We also have our Valentines party Wednesday. Students can bring a treat, card etc for each classmate. I sent home a name list last week. I am ordering pizza and salad for their lunch so if you have not already done so, please send 3$ to school. I can give change if necessary.

Every child received a handout on what is necessary for completing their science project. Please look over the handout with your child and do not lose it. You can come look at samples of science projects in the classroom anytime. Next weekend is a four day weekend and would be a great time to work on the project with your child. Some of the experiments need to be started immediately to give your child enough time to see results. Have them record everything and take notes in the log book. The project is due by March 12th.

Research Paper info: The Steps to the writing process are the following:

  1. Read and Gather
  2. Think and Plan
  3. Write and Rewrite
  4. Check and Polish
  5. Share Your Results

We will follow these guidelines. We are currently on step one and two. Students should be taking notes on their character for their biography book report as they read. They will need to provide information about the beginning, middle and end of the life of their historical figure. They must be able to describe in detail about the life of this person as well as their accomplishments. That is why taking notes and putting it in an outline format if possible is helpful. They have this outline format information provided for them in their Language book p. 198-201. Students will need to cite other sources. If they do this now, they will need to make note of information they use as from that source.

Students will be practicing the writing process this week by writing a short paper on Helen Keller, as a class. We will be doing these in class, but final drafts may need to be done at home.

Test/Quiz schedule:

Monday: Penmanship test 23

Tuesday: Vocab quiz 22

                cadet: a military school student

                ciphered: did arithmetic

                fray: a fight

                grubbing: digging

                hew: to cut

                mainstay: the main support

                wellspring: the source

Wednesday: Math test 14

                History quiz 12

Thursday: Spelling test 22

        Bible quiz 22

        Psalms 119:9-10

        Science quiz

Friday: No school!


Mon: Language: read book report, take notes as you read; Write all reading vocab words 2x

Tues: Write all spelling list 22, 2x each.  


Thurs: Finish rough draft of Helen Keller research, read through it and look for ways to improve;

Fri: Study for Science quiz Tuesday and test Wednesday

Nation notebook p. 59-61

Music - Bring Instruments on Thursday

Test on Songs #8 MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG  (CLARINET | FLUTE | SAX). Students are also preparing for Easter Concert.