How Can We fix It?

      There are many problems that go with space junk. The problems are preventing future space expeditions and destroying satellites. But we also have many solutions such as nets and lasers.

     The first problem is that space junk could prevent future space expeditions. If we don’t have future space expeditions we will have no more trips to Mars, the Moon, and we won’t

learn more about what is out there in the universe.  A solution to that problem could be  that we could use lasers. Lasers would shoot space junk. Once the space junk is shot it would slow down. After that, it would fall into the atmosphere and disintegrate.

      Another problem that space junk causes are destroying our satellites. When you destroy a Satellite

it is like self-destructing a billion dollar mansion. But luckily we might have a solution, we can use nets. At first, you might think that nets are way too lame, but nets do the trick. A Satellite called E.D.D.E (Electrodynamic debris eliminator) can shoot nets at space junk causing it to go in the path that will either destroy it or send it in the ocean. So we might be able to use nets.

     In summary, those are some developing ideas that might fix our issues that we have.

What’s different about it?

     There are many differences between Earth’s garbage and space debris.

The first difference between Earth’s garbage and Space debris is that Space debris is constantly moving while the Earth garbage is still. It is pretty obvious because Space debris moves approximately 42,120 km/h and Earth’s garbage just stays just where it is.


     The second difference between space junk and earth’s garbage is that Space junk threatens satellites while Earth’s garbage threatens humans and animals. Earth’s garbage threatens humans because it causes less space on earth and destroys habitats. Space junk threatens satellites because space junk is unpredictable and there is a lot of space junk so it has a high chance of destroying a satellite.

    Whether it is in space or on the earth, pollution is a problem.



All Over the Years


     Many years has passed since the first space debris was made in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik. But now, there is about 128 million pieces of space junk. Many years have passed and many things happened. So these are some things about space junk in history.

  Have you ever wondered what was the oldest piece of space junk still in orbit? Well the Vanguard 1 is the oldest piece of space junk.  It dates back to 1958 when the satellite was launched.  Now it is nearly 60 years old.  That was made before Hawaii was made a state!

In 2016, it was estimated that there was billions of space junk smaller than one millimeter.  That is just unacceptable because after a decade or two  space junk will almost be fully surrounding the earth.  To give you a visual of how much that is, it is about the same number as how many computers were used in the world in 2008.



                                Comes in big and small

                                       Stronger than bullets and knives

                                              Destroys everything


                              QUIZ                 ***Answers below***

         #1  What is the estimated number of space junk under 1 millimeter in 2016?


  1.  1 billion
  2.   100 billion
  3. One hundred million
  4. None of above

                    #2  What does the E.D.D.E stand for?


  1.   Expert Debris Destroyer Eleven
  2.   Energy Dissipation Defect Evolution
  3.   Electrodynamic debris eliminator
  4.   None of above




                    #3  When was the first space junk made?        

  1. 1968
  2. 1956
  3. 1959
  4. None of above


  #1 - A.

  #2 - C.

  #3 - B.