Covenant Bay Bible Camp

Media and Tech Manager - Job Description

Nov 1, 2017


Media and Tech Manager

Responsible to: Executive Director (ED)

The Media and Tech Manager will meet weekly with the ED for mentoring, accountability and encouragement. The ED will check in daily with the Media and Tech Manager for troubleshooting, assistance and accountability.

Job Description

The Media and Tech Manager will implement tasks such as daily photo’s and video’s of campers and staff, assisting teaching coordinator with chapel, assisting video drama skill block and assisting ED with social media and communications.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities


Working Conditions


The Media and Tech Manager will receive 4 days of staff training which will include, facility orientation, policy and procedure training, camper check in and registration, Plan to Protect training from, team building activities, review compensation and highlight workplace health and safety practices as outlined in brochure and as it specifically relates to the role of Activity Lead.