Questions and Answers for Surveillance Camera RFP

This document will be updated with vendor questions and district answers.

Schedule for Q&A:

Deadline for questions:         2:00 p.m. November 7, 2018

Deadline for answers:         2:00 p.m. November 12, 2018

Question: How many cameras do we currently have?


High School:  43 indoor, 14 outdoor

Middle School: 29 indoor, 5 outdoor

Elementary: 30 indoor, 0 outdoor

Webster: 4 indoor, 1 outdoor

Bus/Maintenance: 1 indoor, 2 outdoor

George Daily Auditorium: 0

Question:  NVR spec and camera spec for ACTi

Answer:  RFP was revised to removed these requirements and revised RFP uploaded to our website 10-11-18.

Please remove the following requirements in the RFP:

NVR Requirement on Page 2:

a.    Network Video Recorder must be certified to work with ACTi NVR 3.0 and ACTi CMS 2.0  

Camera Requirement on Page 3:

a. Cameras must be compatible and cross-listed with ACTi NVR 3.0 and CMS 2.0 software


Data Closet Locations for NVRs:

George Daily Auditorium/Central Office (GDA): 1 closet, but could it share one with at the HS location?

High School:

All 300 rooms are to one data closet.

All Industrial Tech wing are in one closet.

Kitchen, cafeterias, to boiler room are in a closet.

Middle of lower hallway to room 108, vocal/band and I believe small gym area are to one closet.

2nd floor is one closet.

Large gym area, wresting area, to room 114 are one closet.

Weight room has it’s own switch due to distance from closet in large gym area.

NVR may be shared with large gym area though?

        If NVRs do not need to be located in each closet, we could possibly merge all first floor in main

area to one closet instead of 2.

Middle School:

        Gyms and 100 rooms are one closet.

        200 rooms are one closet

        300 rooms are one closet


        1 closet


        Currently shares NVR located at Webster.

        With addition of outdoor cameras, may need it’s own.


        5 closets total.

        All C rooms

        All A rooms

        All D rooms, cafeteria, gyms, dock area

        Middle area below media center including B114, B113 over to A157 and A156 are one closet.

        Middel area including Media Center, activity areas and B and A rooms at same level are one closet.

Vendors attending walkthrough:

Southern Iowa Technologies

SCI Communications


Walsh Security

VanMaanen Tech

TC Networks




Electronic Engineering

Clarification on NVRs - maximum 32. Yes, we did mean maximum 32 so we avoid failure of a large amount of cameras if one goes down.