January 13 2018 0423 GMT
Koenig to Herring

January 13 2018 0423 GMT

Jane Werner Herring RN
7741 Indian Springs Drive
Nashville TN 37221-1128


Richard Leroy Cantrell Esq

Kaye Cantrell [Karen Cantell]

3204 Quiet Tree Grove

Old Hickory TN 37138

TX Bar Card Number: 03765400

Dear Ms Herring:

I am writing to obtain a better understanding of this September 9 1985 medical report [Exhibit “A”] on Christen Michaela Shannon.

The signature block for this report was as follows:

If this is not your signature, please text me back on +

If this is your signature, and if you are still with me  .  .  .  

I seek to verify facts for character development for a script for a theatrical production of the story of Christen Michaela Shannon.

The medical report [Exhibit “A”] was remarkably prescient - and proved to be eerily correct.

I have a number of questions about the report and circumstances under which it was produced.

Very truly yours,

Robert J Koenig
+ (cell, sms + mms)

btw:  I own every document that connects to this incident.  40 bankers boxes.  These documents have been scanned into pdf and the originals have been moved offshore to a jurisdiction in a free country where USAA and its captive Texas judges can’t seize them.  It’s not a pretty story.  The only person who seems today to have been connected to reality back in 1985 was you. That is why I need your input.

Exhibit “A”: Jane Herring Report September 9 1985

<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSGroqQ7y5h67OYFe-6_nRQddIr-d1gBAMzv9mTMSiFy13Ghu2pdEqM1IfFrGANMUg_BEwAzR7jpdVo/pub?embedded=true"></iframe>

Published at:  http://www.robertfmcdermott.com/jane_herring

Disambiguate and clean-up:

  1. Was this report on USAA stationary?
  2. Was this report prepared for this USAA employee:

Thomas Lyons
10618 Cedar Elm
San Antonio TX 78230

  1. Was:

Richard Leroy Cantrell Esq
3204 Quiet Tree Grove
Old Hickory TN 37138
TX Bar Card Number: 03765400

operating out of TN in 1985?

  1. Do you have a sense whether Mr Lyons or Mr Cantrell were themselves USAA members.
  2. Were you ever a member?
  3. My sense of your educational background informs me that in 1985 you had not yet received a BS in nursing.  Did you do this sort of work for USAA in other matters?  Do you/did you do work for other insurers.
  4. Did you know (before today) that your predictions were very very accurate.  I can supply you with the details of Christen’s death.  
  5. _________________

Addendum:  First Jane Herring load on December 19 2017 at 1949 GMT