Sheldon A. Lanier, Ed.D.

Director of Equity Leadership & AVID


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AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) is a college readiness tool whose mission is  “to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness in a global society.”  The college readiness system is designed to increase the number of students who successfully complete high school and enroll in four-year institutions.  One of the main goals of the program is acceleration instead of remediation.  The AVID program in CHCCS is comprised of eight secondary sites, four middle school sites and four high school sites, each with a Site Coordinator.  Middle school Site Coordinators are the only AVID teachers.  High school staff information is as follows: ECHHS and CHS, one Site Coordinator, two additional AVID teachers, CHS, one Site Coordinator and one additional AVID teacher, PAHS, multiple AVID classroom teachers.  Northside Elementary is the only AVID elementary site in the district.  

The AVID elective class is a year long elective and students are selected to enroll in the course after an application and interview process.  The typical week in the AVID elective is comprised of instruction from the AVID curriculum (writing, college and careers, strategies for success, critical reading) on Mondays and Wednesdays, Tutorials (collaborative study groups, writing groups, Socratic seminars) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and either binder checks, field trips, guest speakers, or quizzes on Fridays.  At the high school level, AVID students are required to enroll in at least one Honors and/or Advanced Placement course.  High school Site Coordinators highly encourage AVID students to enroll in all Honors, all AP, or a combination of both Honors and AP courses.  It is the goal of middle school Site Coordinators to have all eighth grade students enrolled in Common Core Math I.  

AVID’s school wide college readiness tool is comprised of four domains: school wide leadership, school wide systems, instruction, and culture.  Each school has an AVID Site Team comprised of the following members: AVID elective teacher(s), District Director, Principal, AVID Assistant Principal, AVID counselor(s), AVID Site Coordinator, and AVID Site Team content teacher(s).  Site Teams are to develop a Site Team plan to forward the work towards AVID school wide implementation.  The following “mission statement” will guide the work of AVID Site Teams and Site Coordinators this year: “The AVID Site Teams of Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools will strengthen the learning community and the school culture by institutionalizing AVID strategies, ensuring academic equity, college and career readiness, and excellence in student achievement.”  

The AVID Tutorial Program Manager is responsible for tutor recruitment twice a year.  Tutors are solicited in conjunction with the CHCCS volunteer office and the School of Education at UNC Chapel Hill.  

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