School Council Meeting

November 3rd, 2017

In Attendance: Hugo McCarthy, Carla Roberts, Lauren Tschaja, Owen Bartlett, Eddie Locke, Verna Hancock, John Hanlon, Janet Bartlett, Darrin Feehan, Lynette Samuelson, Darrell Wells, Sheri Hopkins

1. Introductions to the new student reps, Owen Bartlett and Lauren Tschaja

Acceptance of minutes from last meeting by Darrell and seconded by John.

2. Standing Business:

(a) Principal’s school update given by Carla. Staff meeting was held yesterday regarding a new attendance protocol which will allow us to track attendance issues at PWC. Attendance is a growing concern as identified through the school development plan. This will be a working document and we will make changes as we move through the year. PWC won both the 4A Provincials and the Basketball Invitational at St. Catherine’s Academy.

(b) Fund Development Committee:

A group of school council members met to put together the fund development committee with a focus on strategies to help raise funds for the school as well as to give teachers the tools/expertise to help them apply for grants. This would occur in the spirit of collaboration, communication and accountability.

(c) Safe Grad:

Darrell provided a report from the Safe Grad Committee regarding their progress so far this school year. They are now in the midst of selling 50/50 tickets with the prize being drawn for in December. Recycling drives are going well but the committee is always in need of volunteers. This is a good opportunity for community service hours for Career Development 2201. The Safe Grad will be held off-site this year. A venue has been booked and a detailed budget will be provided. The Safe Grad Committee is looking for volunteers to help out at the venue and is looking for as many people as possible.

Prom Update: The Prom Committee is also looking for volunteers to help out with planning this event with a first meeting to be held very soon.

3. Priorities:

Academics are an important and ongoing concern for PWC and the School Council.


The Fund Development Committee was developed and actioned.

The possibility of having various career development agencies visit PWC to speak with our students is something Hugo has been investigating. There has been a very favourable response to this outreach.

4. New Business:

Student Council reps will bring a report to each School Council meeting as a regular agenda item. On the first Friday of every month, reps from Student Council will meet with Carla and one rep will take turns attending school council meetings each month.

* Meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm. Next scheduled meeting is December 7, 2017 at 4:30 pm.