ISMIR Board Roles and Responsibilities

Abridged Version

05 July 2017


The ISMIR Board of Directors consists of 8 members: President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, 3 Members-at-Large, and a Student Representative. All members have equal voting rights, and a majority vote is required when passing motions during a board meeting. The board convenes on a monthly cadence for an hour, typically at the beginning of each month via video call, as well as in person during the annual ISMIR conference. The Board is also responsible for holding a General Business Meeting on the final day of the conference, which includes an annual summary for Society members and a community session where members may raise questions or propose ideas to the Society at large.


It is the primary responsibility of the President to exercise general direction over the activities of the Society, both current and future. This includes the preparation of a monthly agenda in coordination with the Board, and namely the Secretary, presiding at Board and Society meetings, facilitating the decision-making process of the Board, being accountable for the execution of the various Board processes, and representing the Society in liaison with other organizations, communities, or general inquiries. Furthermore, the President serves the society by fostering new initiatives (e.g. the ISMIR journal) and helping the society at large to grow and flourish, e.g. guiding the bidding process for future conferences, and ensuring continuity of the culture of the conference.


To ensure continuity of leadership over time, the President-Elect is responsible for learning the role of President, which they will assume after a two-year term. This is achieved by assisting the President in fulfillment of their duties (described above), and working with the current Board to maintain a smooth transition between Board members in the following election.


The Secretary assists the President and President-Elect in their responsibilities, and assumes the duties of the President in case of absence, incapacity or resignation of the President. The Secretary’s responsibilities are myriad, including custody and maintenance of Society records, archival of scientific proceedings and conference websites, maintain Society membership and mailing lists, the annual preparation and submission of all necessary legal documents to keep the society in good standing as a non-profit organization, and organizing the subsequent Board election.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the Society, and the preparation of a balance sheet for the Annual Business Meeting of the Society. This includes recording income and expenses over the course of a year, processing reimbursements to relevant parties as needed, and serving as a point of contact between conference organizers regarding budget and registration fees.


Members-at-large are responsible for contributing to ongoing initiatives and operation of the society. These tasks may include but are not limited to the following: the update and assessment of conference proposal guide; advising improvements to the conference review process; maintenance and content for the ISMIR website; assisting the moderation of community mailing lists; proposing and leading additional initiatives; and helping bridge communication between conference organizers and the board.

Student Member

The Student Member’s main responsibility is that of advocating and representing the student constituency of the ISMIR community in discussion among the board and with conference organizers. Additionally, the Student member is accountable for overseeing the process of student travel grants, and working with conference organizers to ensure this is achieved in timely manner.