Tairangi School Procedure Statement


        NAG 1 Curriculum

        NAG 5 Health & Safety

EOTC is a generic term used to describe curriculum-based learning that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom.  This can range from the school grounds to a sports trip, local visit/trip to an outdoor education camp.

EOTC aims to:


EOTC Planning and Approval process

Level A        On site on school ground

e.g. sports day, picnic, painting murals, measuring for mathematics.

Level B        Out of School

e.g. trip away from school by public transport or private car, including sports trips.

Level C        Camp and Overnight

Parent consent

Parent consent for all offsite EOTC events must be sought.  No child is permitted to take part in an event without parental permission. In the event of a child not participating in an EOTC event, the child will still attend school.  It is the responsibility of the class teacher to see that alternative school work is provided.  The office will be informed that they will be remaining at school and which room they will be in.

Parents on Trips


Transport by bus or taxi van will be booked by the office manager.  All students must be seated, while in transit.  Use the official transport booking form. Appendix 2

If private transport is to be used the following guidelines must be adhered to:

Reviewed October 2012


The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. Hire of the pool and transport to Cannon’s Creek Pool will be organized by the Phys Ed/Health Curriculum team leader.
  2. Each year the Phys Ed/Health Curriculum team leader will consult with each syndicate and book swimming with the pool.
  3. Syndicates will be responsible for internal organisation to plan, implement and assess the programme according to the levels within their syndicate.
  4. The Health and Physical Education curriculum and Lotto Swimsafe will be used as the basis for planning, implementation and assessment.
  5. Personnel for supervision at the pool and the teaching of the programme will be decided by each syndicate.
  6. Parents will be notified as early as possible in the newsletter as to the cost of swimming and dates for each syndicate’s swimming sessions.
    No refunds will be given.
  7. Organisation of non-swimmers is responsibility of each syndicate.
  8. EOTC procedures for risk management practices will be followed – one risk management form to cover the whole school will be completed each year.
  9. Safety rules for use on the bus and at the pool will be established and followed by syndicates.
  10. As swimming is part of the school curriculum parents should supply a note with sufficient explanation as to why a child is not to participate.

File:eotc15.doc        Procedure Statement - EOTC