SVMUG Monthly Meeting June 17, 2019; WWDC Recap

Hello svmug members & friends!

The next meeting of the Silicon Valley Macintosh User Group (svmug) is June 17, 2019 at 7:00PM. As always, our meetings are open to the public and free to attend. Bring a friend!

MEETING ROOM LOCATION: We are meeting in our “usual” place.  

Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room

Google - Building 1950

1950 Charleston Rd  (same as 1950 Amphitheater Parkway)

Mountain View, California 94043


Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) was held June 3 - 7, 2019 in San Jose, CA. What did we miss and really should know? We will hear from three different observers with three different perspectives. Come see and hear Robert Brown, Charles & Lynda Gousha share their observations, experiences, reactions & opinions from this year’s announcements. We welcome input & recommendations from the audience too.  

ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS:  Lynda & Charles Gousha and Robert Brown

Our speakers are SVMUG members and volunteers who watched the WWDC Keynote and have a lot to share.

OPEN SOURCE: OpenDog System - Robot Dogs; Robert Brown

“The idea behind the OpenDog Project is simple. To create a cheap, flexible, open-source platform to stimulate the development of robotic legged locomotion.”


6:45 PM - Doors open around this time; Get a Visitor Badge from our host.

7:00 PM - Introduction

7:05 PM - News

7:30 PM - Main Presentation: WWDC recap

8:15 PM - Break

8:30 PM - Open Source: OpenDog System - Robot Dogs!

8:45 PM - Q&A, followed by a raffle at the end

9:15 PM - All done! Clean up after ourselves and go home.


June 17 -- WWDC recap

July 15 -- Micromat - TechTool Pro + APFS? -- Christian Pickman

Aug 19 -- TBD

Sep 16 -- TBD

NOTE: We are busy working on getting speakers for future months! Is there a new product or technology you think the group would like to know about? Who would you like us to bring back? Do you have a contact for us? Let us know.


You’ll receive 2 raffle tickets when you bring food to share. Please feel free to bring in items for raffle if you have them or if you obtain them from a vendor. When in doubt, ask one of the volunteers if the item would be good for raffle. If you have something else that you think would be good for the FREE pile, bring it, mark it FREE and place it on one of the tables near the food table. Just be sure to remove it at the end of the meeting if it does not go to a new home. We have enough to carry in and out each meeting. Thanks!