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The IB Diploma Programme

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Objectives of the policy

Procedure for admission

Eligibility Criteria:


Appendix 1 Details of Orientation to IBDP

Appendix 2  Waitlist Criteria for Admission

Appendix 3  Format for Letter of Recommendation


Fountainhead School is an all inclusive school which  aims to provide high quality educational experience through its IB Diploma Programme.The IB Diploma Programme is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education. It is normally taught over two years and has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.The school’s admission policy ensures a  fair and transparent admission system and avoid unfair discrimination on grounds of disability, gender, religion or belief. However, if the disability of the candidate hinders his/her ability to effectively cope up  with the challenges posed by Diploma programme then the school may deny admission to such students. Further, the policy also ensures that proper admission procedure is followed in respect to each application received for admission.

Objectives of the policy

Applicable to:

This policy applies to all parents seeking admission for their children at Fountainhead School.

Value (s) guiding policy:*(Please refer

a) Value Term: Fairness, Excellence

b) Why:

Procedure for admission

Admission process for the academic session is as under[1]




To meet admission incharge for an orientation of Diploma Programme who introduces the parent and the student to Diploma programme using school brochure.


The parent buys the admissions package, fills the online form and submit it on the readiness test day in school. Submission of all documents is to be done in hard copy.


Admission assessment is given by the student in English, Math, Hindi, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Admission assessment is divided into Written and Oral assessments.


After the papers are checked, the Senior School Principal reviews the result with Admission incharge and DPC.


The parent along with student then meets the Career counselor who understands the career option of the student and helps the student do subject selection based on career options. Where required two subject selections are done as per the career cluster selected by the student.

They can also meet DPC and Head of counseling department in case they wish to or vice versa.

 Students are recommended to go for full Diploma and it they find it rigorous then based on Term 1 result they may decide to opt for  DP course. In some cases, where the student is already struggling in academics or has learning  difficulty then school recommends them to opt for DP course. The final decision is taken by the student.



A second review is done by the Senior school Principal and then a final email of subjects offered and fee details is sent by the Admission Incharge to the Parent.

Note : Please note that in case students fails to submit (in spite of several reminders) the documents (academic related documents such as Grade 10 mark sheet, pass certificate from the board etc) then the school will not give Grade 11 second/final term result to the students. Please note that the student will not be promoted to Grade 12 if he/she does not receive the report card of second/final term.

Eligibility Criteria:

For External Students

In case of candidates who have done their MYP he/she must possess a certificate of completion of MYP (issued from their respective school).

For the above categories of candidates, the following criteria will be applicable:


1.         Candidate must show consistency in his academic performance over the years. It is desirable although not mandatory for the candidate to submit a letter of recommendation from the HOS/ Principal or Coordinator / Vice principal of his/her previous school. To see the format for the letter of recommendation please click on the link below: Appendix 3 


  1. The academic performance of candidates will be judged on the basis of the mark sheet for those students who have completed grade X or equivalent from any recognized board of education and have obtained the mark sheet. In case, the students are yet to appear for the exams or receive the mark sheet, the internal examination results and/or the last two year’s academic reports will be asked for.


2.  For candidates who have done MYP and do not have any internal examination in their school, they  must have satisfactorily completed their individual/group MYP personal project (as per the report of their school’s internal supervisor)


3. In case of candidates who have done MYP and have appeared in their school’s final internal examination then they must have shown decent academic performance.


4.         Candidate has shown active participation in extracurricular activities such as dance, drama, sports or any other form of art and has been recognised at the school or state or National or International level or at all the four levels  and/or has received awards for the same.  


5.         Candidate must have satisfactory behavioural record and should not have been expelled from any Indian or foreign schools.

6.         Candidate must not have been charged on any criminal offence in the period before joining Fountainhead school.

Assessment details:

For Internal Students :

There will be no assessment for internal students.

For admitting internal students (studying in grade 10) into the DP and for subject selection, following steps will be followed.

  1. As full fledged Diploma Programme student
  2. or DP Course student

Students will be encouraged to go for full Diploma and

Also in some cases based on the needs of the students, the school may counsel the student to explore other options available outside the school for various reasons.

For External Candidates

All candidates who have done their Grade X from an Indian Board (CBSE, ICSE & State Boards) or have done IGCSE or IB MYP have to appear for an entrance test. The entrance test will comprise of the following subject papers:

English - The test paper will be designed to check the student’s ability in successfully meeting the requirements for SL level Language and Literature at DP

Maths - The test paper will be designed to check the student’s ability in successfully meeting the requirements for SL level Mathematics at DP level


Three of the Group 4 subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) . The paper will be designed to check the conceptual base of the student and help in subject selection final decision.

Each of the above mentioned papers will range from 25 to 30 marks and the duration of each paper will be 45 minutes to 60 minutes. The time for orals will vary depending on the student and teacher interacting.

Selection Criteria:

For Diploma:

English: 70% minimum score

Maths: 60% minimum score

The candidate may appear for re- assessment if he/she feels that he/she can do better. There will be a gap of minimum two days between two assessment test.However if the student is not able to score(as mentioned above) in the  re - assessment test then the school will offer the option of Diploma Course for such students.The consequences of getting admission as Diploma Programme (DP) course student for IBDP will be communicated to the  candidate and his/her parents and their consent in written form will be taken for the same.

Note : Please note that in order to qualify for admission to DP the child must show consistent performance in previous grades(Grade 8,9 & 10) on a consistent basis.

Subject Allocation:

1. For  allocation of HL level in English, Maths & Group 4 subjects : For allocation of HL in these subjects a high score in the school’s assessment test and high level of proficiency in these subjects (based on previous school’s academic reports) is recommended. However the student may still go for higher level in the subject of his/her choice on the condition that a review regarding the progress of student in that particular subject will be done after three months and the student may be recommended SL level if he/she is not able to meet the expectations of HL level in that particular subject.

2. The Diploma Programme course students can either register for one, two or all three core courses (TOK, EE and CAS). However the final decision regarding the same will be made by the school on the basis of student’s ability and performance in the entrance test or his/her subsequent progress during the initial period of three months from the date of admission. The progress of the candidate will be determined solely based on DPC’s/SSP’s report on student’s progress and the report will be considered as full and final in this case.


Student taking DP course with 6 subjects or less and not doing full Diploma can still opt for TOK or EE or CAS if the student wants. The progress on the core subject taken will be reviewed by DPC/ SSP every three months and if required recommendation will be given to student whether to continue  it or not. As a school requirement, students opting for DP course have to do CAS and add reflection and one TOK mock presentation has to be done. Both these components help in skill development .


Appendix 1 Details of Orientation to IBDP for Internal candidates

Presentation for Parents:

Worksheet for Parents:

Answer key for Parent session worksheet:

Subject selection form:

Appendix 2  Waitlist Criteria for Admission

Admissions will be granted as per below given criteria:

Basic Criteria


All Documents signed and submitted (compulsory)


Assessment and interaction with parents.


Form taken and submitted within the specified dates or when admissions are open.


Candidates with special needs may be considered in the event if the disability of the candidate does not hinder his/her ability to effectively cope up  with the challenges posed by Diploma programme.The decision of the HOS will be final in this respect.



Reserved for staff, if any, till March


Sibling studying at FS or FS Preschool


Applied for admission for both sibling



Important Note:

The school will not ask for any donations for granting admissions. The fee structure is transparent & all of it needs to be accordingly communicated.

The admission process does not ask for any religious/caste//political/social affiliations & is agnostic to this. Parents too must be aware of that same applies to them. We do not want any interference in this matter.

Appendix 3  Format for Letter of Recommendation

Date :______________



Admissions, Fountainhead School

Diploma Programme

Surat, Gujarat


Dear DP Coordinator,

I am writing on this day(Day, Date, Year) to recommend  (Name of the candidate)       for admission into the Fountainhead school’s Diploma Programme.  I have known (Name of the candidate) for _____________months /years, and he/she has studied in my school  for __________months/years.

Views about the candidates on : Sincerity level, Timely Submissions,Active participation in school’s  activities, discipline record, Academic performance, Ability to work independently and in teams and any other relevant information.

Name of the Person (Writing recommendation):


Contact No._________________________


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