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Your Library Account & Placing Holds
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Your Library Account

& Placing Holds

If you have a library card, you also have access to your online library account.  This account can be used to view what books you have checked out and their due dates from home. You can renew items a maximum of two times from home if they are not being requested for a hold.  You can also place holds on other books you want to borrow.  

The picture above shows the top of the page at  To log into your library account, you will need to click on the turquoise colored box at the top right on the screen.


This picture shows the log-in screen.  You will log-in to your account by typing in your library card number and your PIN number.  Your PIN number is the last four digits of your phone number.  Try logging in to your account.

This picture shows the main page of your online account.  From this page you can see:


The picture above shows what happens if you click on the tab that says, “Items Checked Out.”  You can see that on my account I have two items checked out.  Each of the items is due back on different dates in September.  I can renew each item twice if I need to and no one else has put a hold on the book.  If I wanted to renew one of the items, I would click on the checkbox next to the item.  Then I would click on the navy blue Go button.

Unfortunately, I am not able to renew Gone Too Long.  It tells me in red it failed to renew.  It also tells me in red that the copy is needed to fill a hold.  I will need to finish the book and get it back to the library right away so the person waiting for it can have a turn. 

I tried to renew Consumer Reports.  It renewed.  See the due date?  It had been due on September 25, but after I checked the box and clicked the navy blue Go button the date changed to October 9.  Success!  


If I click on the tab that says, “Holds,” I can see I have one hold right now and that I am waiting for a copy.  If I no longer wanted the hold, I would click the checkbox next to the book title then, I would click on the arrow next to where it says, “Actions for selected

holds” and choose “Cancel.”  If I decide I do not want the book to be on hold right now, but want to put it on hold next week once I finish what I am reading, I could choose to “suspend” the hold.  That means the hold will not be sent to the library until I decide to go back into my account and “activate” it.  These options work the same as canceling the hold.  I click the checkbox next to the title of the book, then I choose from the dropdown list to either suspend or activate my hold.  


In order to place a hold on a book, you will need to look in the library catalog ( to search for the book.  In the picture below, you can see I looked for Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess.

Macedon Public Library’s copy is checked out.  I really, really want to read this so I am going to place a hold on it.  There are twelve other copies available, so if system-wide delivery were possible, a different library would send me their copy of the book to read.  I just need to click on the big navy blue button that says: “Place hold.”   If I am not logged into my account, the log-in screen comes up.  I fill in my library card number and PIN.

After I get logged in, this screen will show up.  It will say place hold on the Dork Diary book I want.  It shows where the book will be sent, lets me choose how I will be notified when the book comes (I like an email) and even gives me an option to suspend the hold if I want.  Once I check all the information is correct, I click on submit.

The screen above will change to this screen after submit is clicked.  There will be a message in green letting me know the hold was successfully place.  Woo-hoo!

Currently holds may be place on Macedon Public Library items and on the items within the other 41 libraries in the Pioneer Library System.  Holds are limited to 7.  Please note that holds from other libraries may take up 2 or more weeks to receive due to reduced delivery runs.

If a message states the hold is not successfully placed, there may be a problem.  Having a bill on your account for a lost or damaged item, running out of renewals on an item, choosing an item from another library that is not available to be borrowed systemwide due to it being brand new or needing to update your contact information are all reasons for holds to fail.  If you have a problem, just ask for help by calling 315-986-5932 and we’ll figure it out together.  


If your hold does get successfully placed, we will be notified.  We will pick the book off the shelf for you.  If you would like to pick up this book yourself, it will be waiting for you (but remember, although we do check the holds list often, if you just placed a hold, you will need to give us some time to go find it and get it ready for you).  We will put your hold request in a bag with your name on it and place it in the shed located outside our entry. If you have mobility challenges and would like to have us deliver the book to your car, please call 315-986-5932 to make an appointment.

Not sure how to search the OWWL Catalog? Here is a video about using the catalog you may also choose to watch:

Please remember, at this time we are asking patrons to place holds.  We are no longer using the Google form for requests. 

Thanks to everyone for your patience during this challenging time.  Your cooperation keeps your community safe and healthy!