Request for Proposal (RFP)

Messaging Framework & Strategy

January 13, 2020

About Us

The Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, a statewide nonpartisan organization, aims to reduce teen pregnancy through research, advocacy, collaboration and training. Our vision is that every Texas teen has access to the information and resources needed to prevent unintended pregnancy.

Since 2009, the Texas Campaign has worked to build constructive dialogue among partners statewide around teen pregnancy, adolescent sexual health, and effective prevention strategies. We excel at developing innovative, collaborative and sustainable solutions by ensuring communities understand the connection between teen pregnancies and maternal and childhood health and wellbeing, educational achievement, the poverty cycle, and the broader Texas economy.

The Texas Campaign addresses the systemic reasons that teens lack access to resources and provides support to local direct service providers. Our work focuses on nonpartisan advocacy strategies and building the capacity of adult stakeholders, including healthcare providers, educators, community-based organizations and philanthropists, to empower young Texans in making informed decisions about their health and futures.

Our four strategic priorities are:

Project Description

The Texas Campaign is seeking a knowledgeable and innovative contractor to create a messaging framework that is both empowering to Texas adolescents, including teen parents, and resonates with policymakers and funders. Deliverables include a comprehensive messaging strategy for how we communicate about the Texas Campaign, our objectives, and the work we are doing. Of particular interest is how we frame our communications as it relates to marginalized groups including youth with a history of trauma, as well as minority, foster, and rural youth.

Over the past few years, several other statewide and national organizations doing work similar to ours have rebranded and moved away from prevention messaging. These organizations rebranded for two reasons: 1) because messaging around teen pregnancy prevention has been shown to be shaming to young parents, and 2) many have broadened their focus area to include overall adolescent health and/or reproductive health for all. At this time, the Texas Campaign is not considering expanding our mission.

Deliverables and Primary Activities

Consultant will work closely with Texas Campaign staff, select board members, and others from pre-identified partner organizations between March and July 2020 to:

Request for Proposal and Project Timeline

Proposals will be accepted until 5pm CST on Friday, February 14, 2020. Evaluation of proposals and interviews will be conducted from February 17 through February 28.  Our goal is to select a contractor by March 13, 2020.

Bidders should provide the following items as part of their proposal:

Bidder Qualifications

Highly qualified bidders will possess:

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The Texas Campaign will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:


The Texas Campaign has set a budget of $5,000 - $10,000 for this project.

Submission Information

A contractor will be selected based on a combination of qualifications and price.

Deadline to submit questions is Friday, Feb. 7, 5 pm CST. Deadline to submit proposals is 5pm CST, Friday, February 14, 2020. Questions and answers will be available to all bidders upon request.

Questions and complete proposals should be addressed to Melanie Chasteen at  

At the Texas Campaign, we know that diversity makes us stronger and challenges us to think differently

every day. We are an equal opportunity employer and seek individuals of all backgrounds, gender

identities and sexual orientations to apply for this opportunity.