BWSI 2020 Enrollment Applications Instructions


·      The online form has multiple pages and can be saved before selecting submit on last page of enrollment application.

·      There are required fields on most pages, if fields are incomplete, you will not be able to submit or go to next page.

·      This form also has logic which may prevent all the fields listed below from being seen during the submission process.


Section 1: Student Information

·      First and Last name, student phone number

·      Unique ID number from online course registration email

·      Date of Birth, Gender and Current Grade

·      Student email (non-school email is preferred to prevent school network firewall from preventing emails from being received)

·      Student Address

·      Is your school part of NCSSS (National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools )

·      School POC/Teacher/Recommender Name and Email

o   Generally faculty email addresses  are fine and will receive all our emails

·      Did you attend RCC (Racecar Crash Course)- RCC is a Saturday program that we host during the school year and provides an introduction to programming autonomous vehicles

·      Residential vs Day student question

This is very important for out of state/non-commuter students.  We do provide housing at MIT, it is limited and housing fee may be required up to $5,000.  Housing fee waivers are subject to income verification. See our website for more info.

Section 2: Parent and Financial Information

·      Parent names and contact information

·      Room and board question: if, as a family from outside the daily commute area, you would rather find housing for your student (a rental, or relatives), you can avoid the housing fee and your student can participate as a day (or commuter) student.  .  There are evening dinners, which are open (*and some may be required) for commuter students to participate in.  Caveat: There are weekend activities which as a commuter student, they would not be allowed to participate in. Commuter students are also not allowed in the dormitories with the residential students as that would exceed our student to counselor ratios.

·      Family income:  We are required to collect this information to qualify for grant applications, we only ask for income verification (a copy of tax returns) to approve any housing fee waivers.

·      Financial Hardship or Special Circumstance: For families of students that plan on being residential AND do not qualify for housing fee waivers: If you feel that you cannot pay housing fees, please let us know the reason and circumstances for the request and we will reach out to the listed contact if we need more information before accepting.


Section 3: Academic Information

·      Please note, not all fields are required for test scores.

·      Short answer “List” questions (Other coursework..., List the most complex…) are meant to be short answers and not comprehensive.  Only list the most relevant and most important to you.  We cannot accept additional material via email.


Section 4: Teacher Recommendation

·      Important: the teacher/mentor will NOT be able to submit the online recommendation without the student’s unique ID number.  There are a small number of students who enrolled early and do not have the unique ID number and should reach out to BWSI staff.

·      Please give Teacher/Mentor the link below for recommendations. We are asking for 1 recommendation for each student. Teacher Recommendations are due by March 30.

The teacher/mentor must answer/rate in their recommendation the following:

·      Academic achievement

·      Independence

·      Ability to work in a team

·      Ability to tackle new material

·      Ability to follow instruction

·      Maturity

·      Leadership qualities

·      Disciplined work habits

·      Creativity

Write a brief statement about the student's academic and personal characteristics, including how long you have known the student and in what capacity.


Section 5: Student Essays

Each essay is limited to 500 words and include the following questions:

·      Explain how you became interested in science, engineering, and/or medicine.  Specify your career goals.

·      Explain how participating in this program will support your academic and career goals.

·      Write about a news story that you have seen or read that relates to science, engineering, and/or medicine.  Explain why you found it interesting.

·      There is a short answer space with a limitation of 100 characters.


Last chance to review and Privacy Statement

                Self explanatory, please make sure you review your information before you hit submit, if fields are incomplete or missing, you will not be able to submit.