Volume 18 / Issue 2        

Board of Directors

Troy Bartz (President)

608 279 9362

Shane Marquardt (Vice President)

608 697 3594

Woody Steinhoff (Secretary)

813 735 9817

Bruce Weyh (Treasurer)

608 981 2582

Leroy Welter

608 234 0607

Jeana Welter

608 354 1188

Larry Lietz

863 517 1280

Dan Denzer

390 394 3265

Bill Voigt

608 547 2578

Clayton Simonson

608 742 2334

Jeremy Peterson

608 588 5998

Ben Pettit


Jim Hinickle

608 742 8258

Bob Corning

608 617 8388

Jim Kostinek

608 617 7084

Presidents Message         

Troy Bartz

I would like to introduce and welcome, Jim Kostinek, Jeremy Peterson, and Ben Pettit as newly elected members to the Board of Directors.

Our By-laws state that no board member may hold the Office of President for more than two consecutive years; therefore, this will be the last newsletter containing a message from me as President.

I have one issue I would like to address, before my term as President ends. By addressing it here, I hope to make something positive of it. I have been informed, the one complaint that is most often cited by members, is that the club house is never open or the ranges are not open enough. This information comes to me second or third hand and never has a name associated to reference or contact.

I do not know if this is the position of the majority or just a handful of club members, but I hear it often enough that I do not wish to leave it without comment. It is difficult to address or act on hear-say. I have never received a letter or email referencing this concern, nor have I witnessed any members attend a meeting to voice these concerns. My first thought and comment to the person giving me this information is “Did you ask them the last time they volunteered to open the club or get involved with the scheduling?”. I can assure everyone, that the board of directors keeps the use of our facilities as a top priority for the membership. That said, we also have to balance club finances with income from special events and special use from outside parties. We always try to leave a portion of the days that ranges are closed available to the members.

We realize that it is impossible to accommodate every member’s schedule, but we do the best we can. Please look at the club’s calendar on the website. It will specify what hours the ranges are closed and hopefully you can arrange your schedule around these times.

Please remember that we all donate our time. All of us have similar work, family, and other commitments as you do. The club is part of our life and we do our best to fulfill obligations. If the clubhouse is not open, it is because none of the BOD could be there or something came up with whomever was scheduled to be there. If we had more volunteers to help with this type of issue, we would be closer to eliminating this problem. Recently, we have seen more volunteer interest from the membership, but it is still a very small percentage of the membership and not always reliable.

I would like everyone to keep in mind, that no club decision is made by a single individual. Issues are discussed, then voted on by the club’s fifteen Board of Directors. It takes a minimum of eight directors to move or act on business pertaining to the club. All business is conducted with the best interests of the club in mind. By default, the club would cease to exist without members and is why the members are always the top concern of the BOD. If anyone has legitimate concerns and have thought out workable solutions to your concerns, I would like to hear them. Alternately, you can bring these to the Board through letter, email, or by attending any meeting.

In closing I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Board of Directors and everyone that has contributed to the well-being of the club over the past two years. I look forward to supporting our newly elected President during his term and all the great things in our future and hopefully, I’ll be seeing more of you at the club.

Enjoy your Summer,

Troy Bartz

ATA Shoot is set for July 7, 2018!

New Board Members & Officers

Woody Steinhoff

The Board held general elections for three open positions on the board and reelected some incumbents. Here are the results from the election:

Re-elected: Troy Bartz, Bob Corning, Dan Denzer, Jim Hinickle

Newley elected: Jim Kostinek

Appointed Board members:

Jeremy Peterson replacing Anthony Dickson(resignation)

Ben Pettit (replacing Dennis Wittman (resignation).

New officers have been elected they will begin their terms at the board meeting on July 16, 2018. Please congratulate the following people:

Shane Marquardt (President)

LeRoy Welter (Vice President)

Woody Steinhoff (Secretary) – incumbent

Bruce Weyh (Treasurer) – incumbent

The Board would like to thank Troy Bartz for serving as President for the past two years. Troy’s dedication to the club while fulfilling his role as President required him to spend hundreds of hours working for the gun club. We appreciate all his hard work and efforts of the past two years. Troy remains on the Board of Directors.

Safety tips for women

Barb calkin


Woody Steinhoff

Summer trap leagues are currently underway. We have eight teams competeing to win the 16 yard league. We are offering the following options for summer competition:

NOTE: All member trap is now $5.00; Youth trap is $3.00; non-member trap is $8.00

Summer TrapLeague: May 2, 2018 - End: August 22, 2018

Summer Awards: August 29, 2018

White Flyer increased target prices in March of 2018 by 13%. In March of 2018 White Flyer issued a press releaease explaining their reasoning behing the increase – citing that pitch refineries have not increased production to meet an increased demand for pitch. The press release can be found in threir spring 2018 newsletter: http://whiteflyer.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/White-Flyer-Spring-2018-Newsletter-new.pdf

As you are aware, we recently increased our member practice round pricing from $4.50 to $5.00 or a 9% increase. We’ve examined the economics of the increase in cost from White Flyer and are pleased to inform you that we do not believe we will have to increase our pricing based on the White Flyer price increase.

We need your help for the Spring Clean Up at the club on Saturday June 30!

Portage High School Claybusters

Bill voigt

The Portage High School Claybusters had a great season. We celebrated two shooters with their first 25 straight (Gaje Tessmer and Triston Kingsland). Triston followed his 25 with a 24! Gaje followed in two weeks with his first 50 straight. We have some great kids and, we finished in second place in our conference.

We all will be at the state tournament on June 9 and have qualified to have a team at the first national tournament in Michigan in July. We are trying to assemble that group as this is written. We have five kids qualified for the individual event. We haven't determined if anyone will be able to do that yet. Anyone connected with the Portage Rod and Gun Club can proudly tell people that we are a founding sponsor.

Our coaches are: Jim Brancel, John Center, Ted Leonard, Bill Schaller, Ron Thompson, Jackie Walker, and Bill Voigt. Please join me in thanking this great group of individuals, who worked very hard to keep this program together, including keeping our program was on track after two snow days!  We thank the club for your support. Stay tuned as we will have more news of success in the future.

Pistol & Rifle range

Shane Marquardt

Things are busy at the club this summer. Weekly trap leagues, ATA shoots, High School Trap, Defensive Pistol Training and monthly IDPA matches. Archery, skeet shooting, and the rifle range are all gaining interest as well.


There are always projects going on to improve "YOUR" club. As a member of the Portage Rod and Gun club, we should all take pride in ownership of this establishment. The board of directors are always striving to improve the facility for club members, but we need your help!  Consider attending a board meeting and have your ideas heard. Stop out and ask what you can do to help. If you have specific trade skills and are willing to help, we would love to hear from you.  Our clean-up day is June 30th, where we clean the ranges and tackle some necessary projects around the clubhouse and property.

A few of the current projects in the works are:

Hollow Point Defensive Shooters will be hosting a special IDPA match on the pistol range Saturday, August 18th. The "Andy Garwell Memorial Match" will have many prizes including a new Springfield Handgun that will be raffled off that day. Lunch will be available on site. Raffle tickets are available to both shooters and spectators. All Proceeds will be donated to "Active Hero's", an organization that helps prevent veteran suicides. Last year, we raised $1,820.00 for the cause. This should be a great match to attend and shoot or to see what we do and win some great prizes.

As the newly elected President, I would like to assure you that the board will continue to provide a clean, fun, friendly; and most of all safe place to shoot, and exercise your 2nd amendment rights. Our membership numbers are increasing and we would like to see that continue to improve.

General Club information

Woody Steinhoff

Important Dates

Woody Steinhoff

Listed below are some important dates the second and third quarters of 2018:



Membership Application


By accepting this membership,

I agree to abide by all rules of the club.


Name: ____________________________________________

               Last                                   First                            M.I.

Address: __________________________________________

City: _________________State: __________  Zip: _________

Date Sold: _______________    Sold By: _________________

Email Address: _____________________________________

Activities you’re interested in participating in:

___Rifle Range

___Trap Shooting

___Sporting Clays

___Pistol Range

___Skeet Shooting

___Archery Range

Volunteer Help is Deeply Appreciated