The Age of Exploration

Message from the King and Queen:

Hello crewmembers…You have been hired to work directly with a famous explorer from our country.  We have a few tasks for each of you on this lengthy journey.  We know there has been little documentation if any at all of the places you and your head explorer are about to embark upon.  We need you to complete the task listed….

  1. We need a detailed map diagraming your journey from beginning to end. (100 points)
  1. Either a poster OR
  1. If this is a poster it needs to be in a size that would be large enough for all townspeople to read as they are passing by on the streets.
  2. This map must be color coded.  (Green = Continents, Blue = Oceans, water & settlements = other colors)
  3. Your journey must be completely displayed with a line(s).
  4. On the map indicate the sighting/finding with a number. (1-10)
  5. A key/legend must be created to coordinate with your journal entries, home country and destination(s).
  6. Informational sections outlining the key facts about your explorer.
  1. We need you to keep a detailed journal of your voyage. (100 points)
  1. As a team we need ______ documented sightings/ findings from your quest.  Each will be indicated on the map according to where they took place and labeled in the key/legend.
  1. Each person must contribute equally to the journal entries  
  2. This must be written in your own words, in the first person.
  3. Each entry must be at least one paragraph 7+sentences.
  1. We need to hear about your success and how it will help our country. (100 points)
  1. You will be asked to present your findings (journal) to the King or Queen and all townspeople.
  1. We need all crewmembers to work cooperatively throughout the journey (100 points)
  1. Your group will consist of 1 famous explorer and two other crewmembers.

Famous Explorers

Henry the Navigator – Europe & Africa

Treaty of Tordesillas – S. America, & N. America

Amerigo Vespucci – Europe, N & S America

Hernan Cortes – Europe. N America

Francisco Pizarro – Europe, N. America & S. America

John Cabot – N. America, Europe

Samuel de Champlain - N. America, Europe

Henry Hudson - N. America, Europe

Jacques Cartier - N. America, Europe

Hernando de Soto - N. America, Europe

Robert de Lasalle - N. America, Europe

Francisco Coronado - N. America, Europe

Marquette & Jolliet – N. America

Ponce de Leon - N. America, Europe, S. America, Africa

Extra Credit - Ferdinand Magellan

#20 I can research my explorer

  1.  I am__________
  2. Dates alive
  3. Early biography info
  4. Who they sail for
  5. What they sail for-goals
  6. Voyage(s) dates
  7. Voyage(s) key events
  8. Landing point(s)
  9. Finds
  10. Successful?
  11. Accomplishments