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Brickyard Account Guide for Parents/Accounts with Minors
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Last Updated 3/7/2024

REPORTER Help Documentation

Brickyard Account Guide for Parents/Accounts with Minors

In REPORTER, Parents or Guardians can create a family account to register persons under 18 for Youth Programs. Family accounts can have multiple adults and children attached. If you submitted an application for any Youth Activity in REPORTER or have previous registrations, you may already have a Brickyard Account.

Please Note: To create a family account, you must first have a Brickyard Account in REPORTER. For help creating a new Brickyard Account, click here.

Table of contents

Manage your family

Viewing the Activity

Profile Reports

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Managing your Family

  1. Once logged in, click your name in the top right corner and select Manage Family from the drop-down. 

  1. Click the green Add/Edit Family Group button.
  2. Here, you can change your family name and add a description.

  1. Click the green “+ Add Minor” button under Youth Registrants to add minors.
  2.  A pop-up will appear. Fill out the information for your minor and click Save.

  1. You will be returned to the Edit Family pop-up. Click Save.

Family Accounts

Family accounts are a subsection of your main profile account. This is where your children’s profiles will be until they reach the age of 18.

  1. Create a Family

If you are on the Manage Family Dashboard for the first time, it should look like the screenshot below. To create a family, you will want to click the green button that says “Add/Edit Family Group.”

A Pop-up will appear where you can add minors to your family. After you click the save button, you will see your family show on your “Manage Family” dashboard.

  1. Adding a Minor (Family Member under 18)

Start on the Manage Family main page to add a youth family member. When you are on this page, click the Add Youth Registrant button.

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Viewing the activity

  1. You can view the activity on your dashboard under the Upcoming Youth Activities section.

  1. Click View Details to see information about the activity, contact the coordinator, view your order summary, or cancel your registration.

  1. Click View/Edit Forms to see the forms for the activity. You will click on the title of the specific form you are interested in, and then you can fill out, edit, download, and submit forms.

Profile Reports

  1. Starting with REPORTER, select your name in the far right corner and then select My Profile.

  1. Now that you are in your user profile dashboard, select Family on the left side.

  1. Next, you will see your family profile in two sections: Youth Registrants and Adult Members. The Add Youth Registrants option adds only youth to the menu, but contact information is visible to all adult family members.

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For questions or additional information, visit our support site at or

To add a family member, start on the Manage Family main page. On this page, click the Add/Edit Family Group button.

This will open a pop-up allowing you to add your child to the system. To add your child to your family, click the green “+” button.

Once you click, another pop-up will show where you will fill out the basic information about your child. When you fill out all the required information, you can save the form into the system, and you will see your child's name under the “Youth Registrants” GroupBox.