Do not place your Chromebook on uneven surfaces where they might fall.

Chromebooks are sturdy but drops from heights can damage the inside and outside of the Chromebook--no bungee jumping!

Rarely does your Chromebook get tired.

Don’t leave it on blankets, beds, sofas or pillows while on and in use. The Chromebook does not get overly hot as a laptop would, but it does need to breathe. Do not block air flow when device is on--no wrapping it in swaddling clothes!

Chromebooks never get hungry or thirsty.

Do not share food and drink with your Chromebook by eating or drinking near the device--no sharing your buttery popcorn with the Chromebook while watching Iron Man 3!

A Chromebook works hard but never perspires.

While the outside may get dirty, a shower or a bath is never recommended for the device!

Chromebooks do not like it when you touch their screen.

 In fact, they may go blurry or crack themselves if you touch the screen too hard--no pens, no fingers, no anything. Avoid the “I’m not touching you game” with your Chromebook!

Your Chromebook loves to travel.

However it will react negatively when at the beach (to the sand) and over 100 degrees (too hot). Like your dog, don’t leave the lil’ fella in a locked car in the summer. In addition, Chromebooks can’t ski. Avoid temperatures below 32 degrees--frost bite is not good for you or the device.

The Chromebook is a Prima Donna; avoid placing or dropping objects on top of the Chromebook. It is not a good idea to make the Chromebook a base for your pyramid or throw it like a football across the room.

Finally, Chromebooks need to eat regularly, but do not underfeed or overfeed! While opinions vary, you should run the battery down during the day, charge it up while at home, but when the battery is fully charged (the light is blue on the front) unplug the Chromebook from the wall. Avoid running the battery out completely. Lithium-Ion batteries start to hold less charge after 2 years, but should still work for 4-5 years. Batteries are like new cars--they degrade as soon as you start to own them!

Chromebook Security Tips

Chromebooks are happiest with their intended owner. Be mindful of your Chromebooks location at all times.

Never leave your Chromebook unattended in restaurants like Panera that offer free WiFi. Thieves target these locations for that reason.

Always take time to secure your Chromebook in your backpack or locked in your locker if you are in sports.

Please do not leave your Chromebook locked in any vehicle in plain sight. Avoiding temptation is a security best practice.

Keeping your Chromebook clean

Never use any product containing alcohol, ammonia, or other strong solvent to clean your Chromebook

  1. Create a gentle cleaning solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar
  2. Disconnect the Chromebook from power and ensure it is off
  3. Apply the solution to a cotton cloth, lint free microfiber, or other very soft cloth. Never use paper towels or tissues. Never put the solution directly on your Chromebook.
  4. Wipe the cloth against the screen in a circular and consistent motion. Rapid circular movements tend to eliminate streaking. Ensure that you apply even pressure to the cloth but not so much as to damage the screen.
  5. Repeat these steps for cleaning the outer case and keyboard of the Chromebook


Adapted from Care & Feeding: Your Chromebook