☆AJJ (Anthropology of Japan in Japan)☆

★2020 Annual Meeting★


December 5th (Sat) & 6th (Sun), 2020

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*Registration required. You will receive the zoom link upon registration. The same zoom link will be used throughout the two days.


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****Saturday December 5th, 2020****

10:00 JST

Opening address & general announcements


Keynote speech: David Sprague (Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Tsukuba) “Competing perspectives on agriculture and rural Japan” (Chair: John Mock)


Coffee break


Multicultural Japan (Chair: Greg Poole)

Polina Ivanova (Ritsumeikan University) “Attitudes matter: International students’ engagement with formal and informal voluntary organizations in Japan”

Kaeko Chiba (Akita International University) “Traditional arts course in compulsory education and Super Global University  Reproduction of gender, class and nationalism?  ”

Paul Capobianco (Hokkaido University) “Sociolinguistic implications of the ha-fu phenomenon: Implications for identity and diversity” 


Lunch break (Executive Committee meeting)


Undergraduate student panels

Education and youth (Chair: Debra Occhi)

People on the margins (Chair: Kaeko Chiba )

Lucas Yamane (Doshisha University) “Expectation and practice: Why do students enroll in juku and what do they experience?”

Saemi Ishikawa (Akita International University) “Hidden Personality Trait, HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)”

Hanbyeol Violet Kim (Doshisha University) The power of kawaii: yuru kyara and their role in the society

Luguma Wen (Temple University Japan) Behind nationality statistics: The hidden Tibetan diaspora in Japan”

Alex Vakarash (Akita International University) “Between university politics and students’ practices: A sociological analysis of internationalization in Japan (case study of Akita International University)”

Ayaka Fujinawa (Doshisha University) “Constructing the X-gender identity: Self-expression within the LGBT+ community in Kansai”

Yuka Inada (Akita International University) “Labor shortage and women’s empowerment in Japan”



Coffee break


Bodies and beliefs (Chair: Andrea de Antoni)

Ben Grafström (Akita University) “Fading folk culture: The case of Fukuoka’s kōwakamai tradition”

Mark Bookman (University of Pennsylvania) Crisis anthropology: COVID–19 and the caregiving conundrum in contemporary Japan”

Yuri Nonami (Otemae University) “Motivation for practicing homeopathy in Japan”

Hoa Francisco Ngo (University of Cambridge) “On the Borders of histories: Bodies in constituting Japan and the Roman Catholic Church”


Online reception (zoom)

****Sunday December 6th, 2020****

10:00-12:00 JST

Popular culture and beyond (Chair: Sachiko Horiguchi)

Steven Fedorowicz (Kansai Gaidai University) Tenbun Closing 天文暖簾を下ろす”

Kasane Matsuzaki (Suzuka University of Medical Science) “Discourse of "Nushi" at Pachinko Parlors” (in Japanese)

Oksana Kakin (Ochanomizu University) “From fandom to fan-nation state: A new analytical framework to understand Japanese idol fan culture”

Stephen Christopher (Tokyo Metropolitan University) Fantastical and transformative engagements with diasporic Tibetan Buddhism in Japan”


Lunch break


COVID-19 and Japanese society (Chair: Etsuko Kato)

Sohee Che (National Museum of Ethnology) “‘Disaster’ and ‘Battle’: Two different metaphors of COVID-19 among South Korea and Japan”

Mariko Obari (University of Tsukuba) “The food crisis in late-capitalist Japan: A study from the Fukushima nuclear disaster and COVID-19 pandemic”

Koharu Shiozawa (Tokyo Metropolitan University) Nightwork anthropology: The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on hostesses in Japan”

Edmund W. Hoff (Tokyo Denki University) Nakano Broadway: Anime town under the threat of pandemic”


General Assembly & closing

Registration: Free for all participants

Abstracts folder: Here

Note to presenters:

Presenters in non-Undergraduate panels: 20 min presentation + 10 min discussion

Presenters in Undergraduate panels: 10 min presentation + 10 min discussion

Note to participants:

1. Please update your zoom app to the latest version before joining the meeting.

2. Please keep your microphone muted during the sessions.

3. Please rename yourselves: First name Last name @affilliation so that your fellow participants will know who you are.

4. We will ask you to put your questions/comments on chat. If necessary, the chair will ask the commentator to unmute and talk.

5. We will use the same zoom link for coffee breaks/reception.

6. Please feel free to join and leave as you like during the two days.

Send enquiries to: ajj2020@tuj.temple.edu (AJJ 2020 Annual Meeting Organizing Committee: John Mock, Andreas Riessland, Kaeko Chiba, Sachiko Horiguchi)

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