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District Mobile App

We are excited to announce the release of our new Butler 53 phone app! The intuitive app provides up-to-date  information in a convenient location. The Butler 53 mobile app enables easy access to district calendars, news, directories, and resources. The app also features push notifications to keep you in the know about school closings and important events.

You can enable as many calendars as you would like into one stream.  You can choose from the PTO, District, Butler Junior High and Brook Forest Calendars.  

  1. Once you have downloaded the app, click the calendar icon on the bottom left of the main screen.  
  2. When the calendar opens, choose the settings option by clicking on the cog wheel on the top right.  
  3. Then click on whichever calendar you would like to include in your stream.

The application is available to download for iPhone and Android. To download the app, search for "Butler SD 53" in your phone's app store or use the links below.  


​google play: