4th Grade Interactive Activities

Many require flash and will not work on iPads



Science and

Social Studies

Number Sense

Product Game

Factor Game

100 Square


Using a Coordinate Grid (TM)

Billy Bug (1 quadrant)

Billy Bug 2 (2 quadrants)

Place Value


Place Value

Sentence Structure

Sentence Sort

Sentence Types

The Sentence

Parts of Speech

Irregular Verbs

Is this sentence correct?

Parts of Speech

Grammar Blast

Parts of Speech Quiz

Subject-Verb Mix-up

Adverb Clauses

Irregular Verbs

Now and Then

To Be


Jeopardy Map Game

Maps and More Maps!!!!

Special Lines of Latitude and Longitude

GeoBee Challenge

Geography and Map Quiz

Mapping Skills

Map Vocabulary

Blow Its Top - Volcano

Landform Hangman

Fact Practice

Timernator - division

Batter Up!

Farm Stand


Free Rice Multiplication

Lemonade Larry

City Blocks Division (TM)

Multiplication Baseball (division option)

The Product Game!
Soccer Shootout

Tic Tac Toe

What's Missing? (TM)

Multiplication Game

Math Man (includes division)

Quick Calculate (advanced equations)

Minko's Milkshake Shoppe (division)

Division Games

Apple Basket Division

Draggable Division

Snork's Long Division

Sunny Bunny Math Game

Division Machine

Lake Mathatobie Division Game

Long Division Equation

Operation Domino (TM)

Operation Thunderstorm (TM)

Two Minute Warning

Add, subtract, divide or combo

Operation Restore Power (TM)

Area & Perimeter

Area Explorer

Adam Ant

Shape Surveyor Geometry Game

Finding Area and Perimeter

Perimeter of the Rectangle

Shape Explorer

Perimeter Explorer

Zoo Designer


Proofreading Makes Perfect


Antonym Matching



Synonym Matching


Homonym Practice

Homonyms-Word Confusion

Online Reference


Rhyming Dictionary


Paint by Idioms

Rhyming Dictionary

Figurative Language Examples in Poetry

Rhyme-Time Riddles

Wizards and Pigs Poetry Pickle


All broken links


All broken links

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect


Eliot’s Typing Pal

Keyboarding Activities - create new google doc

Dance Mat Typing


Typing Bubble Game

Key the Alphabet


Caillou’s Magic Keyboard

Test Your Speed

Light Shadow

How Much Do You Weigh on Other Planets?

Phases of the Moon (Quia Quiz)

Planet Hop (Age & Weight)

Solar System JigSaw

Solar System Trading Cards

Moon Rotation Movie

Earth Links

Interactive Space Map

NASA for Kids

Solar System Tutorial

Phases of Moon

Planets of the Solar System

Solar System Puzzle

Song for All Seasons (Rotation & Seasons)

Moon's Orbit and Rotation

Moon phases calendar

BrainPOP Moon

BrainPOP, Jr Moon 

Enchanted Learning ~ The Moon

Nicknames for the Full Moon

Moon phase images

Lunar Phases Tutorial

The Earth's Moon

Quia Moon Phase Game

Quia Moon Phases

StarChild - Moonlight Madness

You will find photographs of each of the eight Moon phases as well as the names and a brief description of each phase. First, match the name of each Moon phase to the photograph of the Moon during that phase. Next, STARTING WITH THE PHOTOGRAPH OF THE NEW MOON AS NUMBER 1, number the photographs to reflect the order in which the phases are viewed from the Earth.

Problem Solving

Aunty Math

Problem of the Week

Solve weekly fundamental math, pre algebra and geometry problems.

Miscellaneous Activities

Storyline Online

Create Wacky Web Tale

Crossword Creator

Graphic Map


Word Search Maker


Bug Box Word Search

Find My Legs

Insects and Spiders

Going Buggy

Math Code Games about Insects

Spiders of Victoria Australia


Flip It Frenzy

Learning Angles Through Sports!

Matching Geometric Terms

Shapes & Shadows

Sorting Triangles

Line of Symmetry

Match Shapes and Terms

Math Terms Hidden Picture


Taxicab Treasure Hunt

Train Trip

Fruit Picker

Triangle Classification Game


Hour of Code 2017

Hour of Code


Code Monster



123 Design

Look for writing practice prompt activities.

Native Americans

Indian Tribes Word Search


Concentration with Equivalent Measures


Matching Equivalent Measures

Metric Scale Reader

Matching Metric Equivalents

Matching Equivalent Customary Measures

Measure It!

More Challenging Length Conversions 


Probability Circus (TM)


What are Tessellations?

Tessellation Town

Watch these objects make tessellations

Make Your Own Tessellation

Early Explorers

Early Explorer Matching/Concentration Game

European Explorers and Vocabulary

Explorers of North America Matching/Concentration Game



Fresh Baked Fraction

Match Fractions and Decimals (TM)

Build Equivalent Fractions

How Many Pieces of Pizza are Left?

Fraction Practice

Hi/Lo Fractions

Soccer Shootout!

Who Wants Pizza?


Escape from Planet X (TM)

What's My Value? (TM)


Telling Time (TM)

Convert Minutes to Hours & Minutes


Think Math Activities (TM)

IXL Math Activities 

(Mouse over link for an activity preview)


Maths Dictionary | Math Glossary

Multimedia Math Glossary (TM)

Protractor Activities & What's My Angle?

Introduction to protractor, activities with optional settings

Math Playground 

Play with numbers and give your brain a workout!

Create a Graph for Kids

Create a Graph Classic for Kids

Colonial America

Jamestown Adventure

Investigate the First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving (Scholastic)

Mayflower History

Oregon Trail Virtual Tour

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