7th Grade Newsletter

November 2017

Dear 7th Grade Families,

The first quarter is over and we are excited about kicking off the second quarter with some interesting new units! News from the Classroom:


We recently finished reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and scholars are well on their way to publishing their first 5 paragraph essay! You can support them by asking to read their final draft before submitting it on Monday November 20th; there should be enough information in the essay for you to understand everything they write about without your having read the book. Next week, we will begin our unit on perspective and will begin reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm. You can support your scholar by reading along with us and discussing the book at home!


This month in Math, scholars are learning about rational numbers (positive and negative) and number properties.Upcoming assessments include a performance task on November 14th. You can support your scholar by discussing negative values in the real world such as debt, the stock market, temperature, elevation, etc. and encouraging them to review their notes.

Social Studies

This month in Social Studies, scholars are learning about the 13 Colonies and the institution of slavery. Upcoming assessments include an argumentative writing project (to be introduced after the Thanksgiving break). You can support your scholar by asking them about what they are learning in Social Studies and/or discussing current events.


This month in Science, scholars are learning about the sound and light waves. We will be focusing on properties of waves (frequency, amplitude, and wavelength), the uses of Electromagnetic Spectrum in everyday life, and the dangers of noise pollution. Scholars will begin their Noise Pollution Public Service Announcement Projects during the week of November 20.  You can support your scholar by asking them to explain what their are learning in class and encouraging them to review their notebooks.


This month in music, scholars are progressing at the piano keyboard and learning new rhythmic patterns on the African djembe.  We are perfecting our bass, tone and slap sounds while playing the Albongo rhythm in our classroom drum circle. Students are working in groups rehearsing and performing their own rhythmic compositions.

What’s coming up this month?

  • November 10: First Marking Period Ends
  • November 16: First marking period report cards given out during advisory
  • November 16: 1st Installment Letters for Nature’s Classroom given out during homeroom
  • November 17: Hangout Night
  • November 23-24: Thanksgiving Holiday - no school
  • November 29: Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • November 30: Afternoon Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tips for Success:

  • Regularly clean and organize your folder, locker, and workspace at home! We suggest sorting your papers with every new unit.
  • For Social Studies, you may get rid of any documents from your Native Americas and Columbus units.
  • For Science, you may remove any documents related to your Chemistry Unit.
  • For Math, you may remove any documents from the Proportions or Scale Model Unit.
  • For ELA, you may clean out everything EXCEPT documents printed on pink paper.
  • Please note: ALL documents on COLORED paper should be stapled, taped, or glued into your notebook! This is true of ALL core content classes.


Class of 2019 during our field trip to Teatown Lake Reservation (October 23 & 24)

Thank you for your support!

Please contact us at mgennaro@motthall2.org (ELA), jkesten@motthall2.org (Math), bscanlon@motthall2.org (Social Studies), awilliard@motthall2.org (Science), kheller@mothall2.org (ICT), and blee@mothall2.org (ICT) with questions!